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AllegroSound DataLink
, SpkrLink , PwrLink
will improve your recording and replay system
or your money back on the cables.


Advancing the art of analog and digital recording/replay via improved signal transfer. Subtle harmonics and ambient information that is missing with all other analog cables and all other digital cables (including ST/AT&T) are fully recovered with AllegroSound DataLink

If you have a solid-state amp, and the sound is fatiguing, your speaker cables are most-likely causing your amp to oscillate due to the reactive load of your speaker cables. AllegroSound SpkrLink is NonReactiv by design and requires no degrading correction circuity.


has been involved in audio cable R&D for well over one quarter Century and does not follow the status quo.

Rejecting all prior art and assumptions in the field, we set out to design and manufacture cables capable of carrying complex music signals from one component to another without modifying the sound. Additional design goals included a high degree of mechanical flexibility and durability, and consistent, long-life performance.

Little did we know this would take over 20 years to accomplish! It was a painstaking process, as there are millions of possible design permutations. Over the years, we have tried and auditioned more designs than most other companies combined! The best topology (and materials) turned out to be quite different from the status quo, a design so unique, we were granted a United States Patent in 1989.

The results of our dedication and efforts literally speak for themselves the moment you plug an AllegroSound
cable in your system and the very first note of music sounds; there is simply "more there there".

The AllegroSound
logo is your assurance of the best-engineered, best-constructed, best-performing, most-cost-effective audio cables in the world, or your $ back on the cables!


Each AllegroSound cable undergoes rigorous AllegroQC , proprietary ElectroScan treatment, 72-hr WaveGuide burn-in, and a Listening Evaluation, and is protected from the day-to-day sonic deterioration due to oxidation, a common problem with other cables.

Each durable and flexible AllegroSound
cable is Serial-Numbered and includes a Certificate Of Quality Assurance.


AllegroSound DataLink
is available with our proprietary phono (aka "RCA") connector, BNC connector, or AES/EBU XLR connector. Custom RCA-to-XLR termination is available for Levinson, Gryphon, FM Acoustics, etc.

AllegroSound SpkrLink
(non-reactive with all amplifier designs, including ultra-wide bandwidth) is silver-soldered to gold-plated, adjustable banana-plugs. [Note: Lugs rarely fit right, always come loose, and cause terminals to loosen and connections to break! Custom terminations and adaptors are available upon request.]


AllegroSound DataLink
1.0 meter (or less): $2k.
ea additional 0.5m: $180.
color: White.

AllegroSound DataLink
1.0 meter (or less): $4k/pr.
ea additional 0.5m: $360/pr.
color: Blue.

AllegroSound SpkrLink

1.0 meter (or less): $6k/pr.
ea additional 0.5m: $540/pr.
color: Grey.

AllegroSound PwrLink

1.0 meter (or less): tba.
ea additional 0.5m: tba.
color: Black.

"A day without music
could have been a better day.
And music without AllegroSound cables
could have been better music."

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"love what you listen with"
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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
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