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of High-End & Vintage gear,
tube and solid-state.

Did you know the BIAS & DC-OFFSET
in your solid-state amp should be
recalibrated after 1000 hrs of use?

AllegroTuneUpTm will improve sound,
extend reliability and protect
against costly speaker damage.

AllegroSound takes an entirely different approach to the art of improving audio electronics and speakers, an approach we pioneered over a quarter Century ago.

We modify equipment that has exceptional sound quality to begin with, and make it better.

We are most-careful to do nothing that dilutes the "magic" of the original.

And wherever practical, we increase the reliability and safety, and never degrade it.

The Allegro Difference

"What we don't do is as important as what we do."

If Marantz 2's, Hadley 601 or Fisher SA-1000 amplifiers sound good to your ears, then so do the original capacitors and resistors. The common practice of willy-nilly replacing parts with modern, trendy parts will result in a modern, trendy sound.

AllegroSound employs the most musically-accurate equipment we have auditioned over the past 40 yrs & our own AllegroSound PointSource
Tm live recordings to evaluate the success of our proprietary mods.

AllegroModsTm are available for the
following fine equipment and others.

Accuphase T-100 fm/am mod
Accuphase T-101 fm mod
Audio Research SP-3 pre mod
Draco Labs CPU-100 fm mod
Infinity IRS-Beta spkrs mod 
KEF R-107 spkrs mod
Kenwood KT-917 fm mod
Kenwood L-09M amp mod
Kenwood L-07M amp mod
Krell KMA-100 amp mod
Krell KSA-50, KSA-100 amp mod
Luxman T-110 tuner mod
Marantz 9 amp mod
McIntosh MR-78 fm mod
McIntosh MC-1000 amp mod
Nagra IV-S / 4S tape deck mod
Nakamichi 1000mb transport mod
Pioneer Series20 M-22 amp mod
Quad 606, 909 amps mod
Sherwood CPU-100 fm mod
Yamaha T-2 fm mod

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA


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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA
telephone 323.960.5014

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