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Audio Engineering Associates
-MS38-MkII M/S Stereo Matrix,
simultaneous all-analog Encode/Decode,
XLR in/out, TRS insert, 1-knob soundstage.

* rent $30/day.

AKG C12A large-diaphram tube mic,
upgraded with AllegroSound 7586M,
outperforms C12, 250/251, U67, etc. 

* rent $60/day.

AKG TheTube large-diaphram tube mic,
first and best reissue of fabled AKG C12,
upgraded with AllegroSound 6072M/PR+

* rent $40/day.

AKG SolidTube large-diaphram tube mic
(all-tube, not hybrid!), upgraded with
fabled AllegroSound 12AX7M. 

* rent $30/day.

AKG C426B large-diaphram STEREO mic,
9-patterns/capsule, capsules rotate 0~180°
for X-Y, Blumlein or M-S recording. 

* rent $90/day.

AKG C460B / CK61-ULS Ultra-Linear
small-diaphram condenser mics (2). 

* rent $30/day.

AKG C460B / CK-1 small-diaph condenser mic. 
* rent $30/day.

AKG C391B / CK-91 "pencil" condenser mics
* rent $30/day.

AKG R20E Remote-Control for BX-20E reverb. 
* rent $60/day, purchase $750.

AMPEX ½" 4-trk headstack for
fabled MR-70 nuvistor Recorder/Reproducer,
with cables/connectors, low hrs, Plug-N-Play :-) 

* rent $60/day or TRADE for Stellavox HB-9.

AMPEX ¼" 4-head Headstack # 2.96620-03,
rumored to exist and here it is, like new,
adds ¼-trk Playback capability to vintage
300-350-351-354 Recorder/Reproducers,
with cables & connectors, Plug-N-Play :-) 

* rent $30/day or TRADE for Stellavox HB-9.

AMPEX ¼" 2-trk headstack for
ATR-800, NOS, Plug-N-Play :-) 

* rent $30/day or TRADE for Stellavox HB-9.

Amplifiers, 8~150w/ch tube,
50~3Kw/ch solid-state. 

Aphex 124A Audio Interface,
interfaces sumer & pro-audio,
gain adjustable -6db to +6db,
RCA/XLR in, RCA/XLR out. 

* rent $15/day, purchase $150.

APOGEE CRQ-12 Multi-Mode Parametric EQ,
Six 20~20k Hz /.04~2 Octave bands per ch
ea w/3-position Range-switch, In/Out-switch,
Tuneable LP/HP, Gain, Mute, XLR-Bal in/out,
modular build, rack-mounted in portable case,
formerly owned by Aerosmith (gd cond, btw). 

* rent $30/day, purchase $1k.

AUGSPURGER Horns, 800Hz, none better. 
* rent $50/day/pr, purchase $3k/pr.

AVALON Design AD-2055 Discrete Parametric 2-ch EQ,
4 overlapping bands per ch, +30/32db Balanced in/out,
ultra-wide bandwidth, hard-wired bypass, choice of pros.

* rent $50/day, purchase $3.5k.

CARY SLP-2002 Balanced Tube Linestage and
Headphone Amp, all-tube Balanced-throughput,
2 XLR in/ch, 6 RCA in/ch, analog Remote. 

* rent $30/day, purchase $2k.

CLOVER SYSTEMS R250 vintage Analog
SPRING Reverb, electrify your guitar
(or whatever) as only a spring can do,
small, lightweight and portable.

* rent $30/day, purchase $300.

D.A.V. Broadhurst Gardens No.1,
upgraded ver of fabled Decca mic pres
by former Decca engineer Mick Hinton,
2 matched preamps + ps in small/sturdy
stand-alone box allows unobtrusive place-
ment close to mics for best sound quality,
Balanced in/out, Gain 26-59db in 3db steps,
48v Phantom, 26db Pad, 22-33-68Hz HPF,
ultra-wide bandwidth and transparency,
from solo guitar and piano to Mahler 8,
this preamp does it all. 120 & 240 vac.

* rent $30/day.

dbx FS900 Portable 1U Mainframe, XLR in/out,
2-911 Type I Encode/Decode NR modules,
941A Type II 2-ch Encode NR module,
942A Type II 2-ch Decode NR module,
2-933 Distribution Amp/Mixer modules.
929 Single-Ended Noise-Reduction.

* rent $30/day with any 2 modules.

dbx 140X Type II Encode/Decode NR, 2-ch.
* rent $20/day.

dbx 224X NR + Decoder for dbx-encoded lp's.
* rent $20/day.

DOLBY 361 NR with dedicated A & SR cards,
discrete, transformer-coupled, Matched-Pair.

* rent $50/day.

DOLBY 330 Type-B Stereo Encode/Decode,
discrete, transformer-coupled, best version.

* rent for $50/day.

DOLBY C Encode/Decode, 2/ch.
* rent $30/day.

Electro-Voice 664 dynamic mic.
* rent $30/day.

Electro-Voice XEQ-3 3-way elec xovers, XLR.
* rent $30/day/pr, purchase $490/pr.

EMT 240 Gold-Foil ANALOG stereo reverb,
Golden-Age warmth for a cold digital world. 

* rent $150/day or TRADE for ???

FM Broadcast Monitors, various. 

FURMAN AR-PRO world-wide AC Mains
Regulator, regulates 88~264vac to 117vac,
essential for location recording and filming. 

* rent $30/day.

HICKOK 539A tube-tester with carrying-case. 

JBL-UREI ES-150 amp, 2-ch, 75w/ch/4, XLR. 

Deane JENSEN MC Step-UP Xfmrs, RCA. 

Klark-Teknik DN-410-B Analog Parametric EQ,
5 full-range bands/ch, 10 full-range bands/mono,
XLR in/out, Transformer-balanced out.

* rent $30/day.

Klark-Teknik DN-504-T Analog Compressor/Limiter,
4 channels, XLR in/out, Transformer-balanced out. 

* rent $30/day.

LEXICON 2400 Time Compressor Expander. 
* rent $30/day.

MAGNECORD 728 tape deck, 10.5" reels,
15 + 7.5 ips, 2-trk + ¼-trk Play, tube elect,
rack-mount, portable case. 

NAGRA T-Audio NTA-3-TCR with Time-Code,
Pilot, Neo-Pilot, RS-422, trolley, overbridge, etc. 

* Nagra T-Audio Owners, please contact me.
* rent $150/day. $ depends on options.

NAGRA 4S-TC analog 2-trk + Time-Code. 
* rent $150/day.

NAGRA 4S analog 2-trk Recorder-Repoducer
with NAB "Narrow-track" heads. 

* rent $99/day. $ depends on options.

NAGRA 4S analog 2-trk Recorder-Reproducer
with CCIR-IEC "Wide-track" heads. 

* rent $99/day. $ depends on options.

NAGRA QGB 10.5" reel motor
unit/adaptor for Nagra 4S IVS

* rent $99/day. $ depends on options.

Dolby C & B Encoder/Decoder.

* rent $30/day.

NTI NightPro MaagAudio EQ-3DM,
custom boutique all-switched Mastering Version,
6-bands/ch, 40kHz Air-band, 10Hz Sub-band.

* rent $30/day.

OPAMP LABS 360BM Mic Preamp,
used with KM-88 by George Fields to
record his famous Bach transcriptions.

* rent $30/day.

OPAMP LABS Spring Reverb,
used by George Fields on his famous
Bach transcriptions recording.

* rent $30/day, purchase $290.

OTARI MTR-15 analog 2-trk, Auto-Align, HX. 
* rent $99/day, purchase $5k/obo/trade.

OTARI UFC-24 Universal Format Converter,
all options including 24-trks & AES/EBU card. 

* rent $50/day or TRADE for ???

OTARI 4-trk headstack for MX-5050-B2 ¼". 

Power Amplifiers, 8w~2kw/ch/4, various. 

Preamps, 2-ch, XLR-Balanced in/out, various. 

Rane PE-17 Parametric EQ, 5-bands,
each 10-20k Hz, +12/-15 db, 0.03-2.0 Q,
Balanced XLR & TRS in/out. 

SE Z5600A large-diaphram tube mic, 9 patterns,
upgraded with fabled AllegroSound 12AX7M.

* rent $30/day.

SHURE CPEK-3 Stereo Cartridge Analyzer. 
* rent $30/day.

SHURE FP42 4x2 Field Portable Mixer,
ac/dc op, Transformer-Bal-XLR in/out,
4 mic/line in, 2 mic/line out. 

* rent $30/day.

SONY Phantom-Power Supply,
48-Volts, powers 2 mics.

* rent $30/day.

SONY MXP-290 Analog Mixing Desk,
8 Balanced mic/line, 3-band eq,
phantom-power, 2 MM phono. 

* rent $30/day.

SONY ESPRIT SE-P900 Parametric eq,
2 channels, ganged controls, all discrete. 

* rent $30/day, purchase $3k/obo.


STAX SRM-1 solid-state amp for Stax earspkrs. 
* rent $30/day, purchase $375.

STAX SRD-4 amp-to-earspkr interface transformer. 

STELLAVOX TD-9 Recorder-Reproducer,
SMPTE time-code, Perfo-16mm headblock. 

* Stellavox TD-9 Owners, please contact me.
* rent $150/day, purchase $tbd.

STELLAVOX HeadBlock for SP-7/8,
¼" 2-trk NAB + Sync w/original & superior
Bogen heads, TRADE for Stellavox HB-9

* rent $40/day or TRADE for Stellavox HB-9.

Studer ReVox HS-77 analog 2-trk NAB, 15-ips,
AllegroMods , port case w/monitor amps/spkrs. 

* rent $50/day, purchase $tbd.

Studer ReVox HS-77 analog FULL-track,
15-ips, port case w/monitor amps/spkrs. 

* rent $50/day, purchase $tbd.

STUDIO SOUND S305 vintage passive filters(2)
* rent $30/day, purchase $tbd.

TAD TD-4001 compression driver (1 only). 

TASCAM DA-3000 HD Mastering
to 32G SDHC cards, 192K WAV,
5.6M DSD, SDIF-3, XLR Bal in/out. 

* rent $30/day.

TECHNICS SH-9010 paragraphic eq. 

TECHNICS RS-1500 tape deck,
2-trk Record, 2-trk + ¼-trk Play. 

TECHNICS RS-1500 tape deck,
¼-trk Record, ¼-trk + 2-trk Play. 

TECHNICS RS-1700 tape deck,
bi-directional ¼-trk Record/Play,
6 hrs of music before repeating. 

TELEFUNKEN CM-61 TUBE mic c.1954,
variable pattern, outperforms usual suspects. 

* rent $99/day, purchase $tbd.

TELEFUNKEN V672 vintage mic pre,
custom-racked with selectable
Input-Z, Gain, Phantom-power. 

* rent $40/day, purchase $tbd.

TUBES for all Microphones
and other critical audio applications, best

Turntables, Direct-Dr & Belt-Dr, Plug-N-Play :-) 

2 independent all-tube channels,
Mic + Line + EQ, Transformer in/out,
reissue of fabled Bill Putnam design,
fabulous on vocals, horns, piano... 

* rent $30/day, purchase $2k/ptc.

Germanium mic preamps c.1960,
matched-pair with
AllegroMods ,
portable rm case, obps. Sweeet!

* rent $40/day, purchase $tbd.

UREI 525 electronic crossover, XLR-Bal in/out,
2/3-way stereo, 4/5-way mono, 18-db/octave,
dial-in Fc w/1Hz-res via onboard freq-counter. 

* rent $30/day or TRADE for ???

UREI 6150 2-ch pwr amp, 80w/ch/8,
XLR, headphone jack, 1U-rackmount. 

* rent $30/day, purchase $650/ptc.

WHITE Instruments DSP-5024
multi-function "drive-rack". 

* rent $30/day or TRADE for ???

YAMAHA PRO-R3 Reverb-EQ-Compressor. 
* rent $30/day.

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