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Original Reference Tubes

Genuine New-Old-Stock
Western Electric
- 396A -

Genuine NOS Western Electric 396A

DIY upgrade for Shanling cd player (& others).
Replaces the two 6N3 in the Line-stage
and the two 6N3 in the Headphone-stage.

Precision - Tested / Selected / Matched
in Tektronix 570 Curve-Tracer
and Hickok 1234 CardMatic.

Tektronix 570 + Hickok 1234

For your ultimate listening pleasure,
we offer selected and matched,
vintage, New-Old-Stock
Western Electric 396A at
US$190 Matched-Pair with

100-day AllegroExchange and
1-Year pro-rated AllegroWarranty
fob 91604 re manufacturing defects.
...while supply lasts...

Customer feedback:

"Hi Rick, I'm really enjoying the Shanling with the Western 396A tubes.  I've been playing many CD's that I thought I already knew well.  The Westerns are giving me the 'holographic' imaging that was not there before.  Music is presented in a WIDE soundstage with each instument distinct in the mix.  Jazz vocals especially REALLY sparkle!  Madeline Peyroux, Patty Griffin, Jacqui Naylor ALL sound wonderful, like they are 'in the room'.  I have shared your great web-site with a bunch of my audiophile friends around the country, so you should be getting some good hits!  Thanks again Rick." —Martin S, Seattle/Washington/USA

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from your local U.S. Post Office
payable to Allegro Sound.
add $22 p/s/h/i per order +
applicable SalesTax in CA.


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