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Original Reference Tubes

"The finest tube gear in the world
cannot transcend the limitations
of an inferior tube.

fabled New-Old-Stock

12AX7 - 12AX7A - E83CC - ECC83 -
ECC803 - ECC803S - 5751 - 7025 -
6N2P & similar high-mu triodes.

Precision - Tested / Selected / Matched
in Tektronix 570 Curve-Tracer
and Hickok 1234 CardMatic.

The easiest, most cost-effective DIY UPGRADE
you can make in your recording or replay system!
No hype, just better sound, or $-back on tubes!

Imitations abound! Trust your recording/reply to the one who's been offering a superior product for over a quarter Century and who cares as much about your sound as you.

Bill Crane, Crane Home Theater muses:
"Absolutely the best 12AX7 tubes ever made. If other tubes kick it up a notch, these kit it up 5 notches! They are the best bang-for-the-buck mod to the Jolida JD-100 and are compatible with other mods. They bring the already sweet sounding JD-100A up another level to compete with $3K+ CD players. Gives most CDs a near-analogue sound with no exagerations, just the music as it was recorded. The Allegro 12AX7B's have been in my ARC SP-3A pre-amp for two decades, and they still sound great! This is the only way to hear the wonderful sound the JD-100 CD player is capable of producing, and it is the only way I sell it."

100-day AllegroExchange.
1-Year pro-rated AllegroWarranty.
SALE US$290/ea.

From your vintage McIntosh - Marantz - Fisher - Scott - Citation - Dynaco - Eico - Ampex - Altec - Luxman - etc, to your modern analog Aesthetix - ARC - EAR - Jadis - and digital Stax X1t - Sutherland 12dAX7 - Jolida JD-100, you will be AMAZED at the improvement in sound quality!

Test-drive AllegroSound 12AX7B
in your system. If you don't hear a
significant improvement well-worth
the cost, your $ back on the tubes!

send USPS Money Order
add $22 p/s/h/i per order +
applicable SalesTax in CA.
for instructions.


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"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA

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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
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