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32-bit Processing Plus 20-bit Conversion for Superior Sound

Development of 3rd-generation DSP (Digital Signal Processing) LSI is behind some extraordinary sonic and functional enhancements in the Yamaha PRO-R3 Digital Reverbator. 32-bit DSP power coupled with high-performance 20-bit linear A/D and D/A converters delivers unprecedented density, superior resolution and astonishing dynamic impact. Analog input and output circuitry has also been built to the highest possible standards, contributing to a very impressive dynamic range of 110dB.

Complete Reverb System with EQ, Gate, Compression and Dynamic Filter

In addition to one of the finest digital reverb processors available, the PRO-R3 includes all other processing stages you need to fine tune the reverb sound.

Digital Pre-and Post-reverb EQ

These stages offer extensive response-shaping control. 3-band sweepable pre-verb EQ controls are available on the front panel for fast, easy access. Post-reverb EQ stage is parameter-programmable and offers even greater control versatility. Three bands with independent frequency, gain and Q (bandwidth) parameters are provided. Frequency coverage is much broader than pre-reverb EQ. For even greater flexibility the low and high bands can be independently switched for shelving or peaking response.

Programmable Noise Gate

The PRO-R3 noise gate provides much more than simple threshold control. In addition to a threshold level adjustable from -60 to 0 dB, the gate features a trigger delay programmable from 0.1 to 100 milliseconds, hold time from 1 to 5759 milliseconds and release time from 6 to 24000 milliseconds. Level detection can be carried out at the gate itself or at the pre-reverb signal. The gate can also be triggered via MIDI, if required.

Full Function Compressor

The PRO-R3 processing chain includes a precision compressor with threshold, output level, ratio, knee (soft, normal or hard), attack time, and release time parameters. Precisely controllable compression can help you to achieve an exceptionally clean, refined reverb and effects sound with unprecdented presence and spaciousness.

Dynamic Filter

Dynamic filtration can add extraordinary variety to the reverb and effect sound, from subtle sonic nuances to dynamic sweeps. This dynamic filter is extremely versatile, providing low-pass, high-pass and band-pass modes with programmable center frequency, resonance, sensitivity, decay and shift direction.

Top-Quality Reverb-Based Effects

The PRO-R3 has been designed primarily to do one job extremely well...providing absolutely natural reverbation. Its effects are therefore all based on reverbation, although a few combinations of reverb and modulation type effects are provided for an extra margin of versatility. All PRO-R3 programs are based on one of 11 basic effect types.

90 Presets and 90 User Memory Locations

The PRO-R3 is supplied with 90 presets which can be used without modification in a wide range of applications. The presets can also be edited to "fine-tune" them for a specific sound, or completely re-programmed to create totally new effects. Edited effects can be stored in any of 90 user memory locations for instant recall when needed.

Broad I/O Compatability

The PRO-R3 is equipped with both XLR-type connectors and 1/4" phone jacks for compatability with all types of equipment. Both connector types are electronically balanced, but the phone jacks can be used directly with mono signals as required. -10dB/+4dB level selectors on both the inputs and outputs provide an extra margin of level-matching flexibility.

MIDI Interface for Extra Control Capability

The MIDI interface-complete with IN, THRU and OUT connector-allows it to be easily intregrated into MIDI-based systems. A programmable patch table makes it possible to use MIDI program change numbers to select any of the effect programs, while MIDI control change data can be assigned to control up to 2 different effect parameters in real time. The MIDI interface also features program dump capability, user effect data can be saved to a MIDI data recorder or sequencer and re-loaded as required.

Large LCD

Large 24-character x 2-line backlit LCD displays multiple related parameters at once for easy programming and operation.

Direct Access Keys

Allow for fast acces to specific parameter groups for efficient programming.


Compare function allows instant A/B comparison between the original and edited sound while editing.

Reverb Parameters

The basic PRO-R3 reverb program, with an extraordinary range of parameters. 2-stage reverb processing achieves extremely smooth, natural reverb and allows true stereo reverb if required. A programmable dynamic filter adds significantly to the vast sonic potential of this and all other PRO-R3 effects. True stereo reverb processing is also available.

Early Reflections Parameters

In addition to 6 preset early reflection types, 4 "user" types can be created (i.e. individual reflection levels and pan positions can be specified as required) for the ultimate in customize early reflection precision.

Room Simulator Parameters

Although basically a reverb program, the Room Simulator is configured to allow control via a range of parameters which correspond directly to the dimensions and charactics of a simulated room.

Echo + Reverb Parameters

This program combines echo with reverb, one of the most commonly used combinations in recording and sound reinforcement applications. Three "patches" are provided: series echo to reverb, series reverb to echo and parallel echo with reverb.

Early Reflections + Reverb Parameters

This combination of early reflections and reverb is capable of producting some exceptionally natural-sounding ambience effects. Like the Echo + Reverb program, three "patches" are provided: series early reflections to reverb, series reverb to early reflections and parallel early reflections with reverb.

Chorus + Reverb; Symphonic + Reverb; Flange + Reverb Parameters

These three programs combine the PRO-R3's outstanding reverb sound with chorus, symphonic and flange type modulation respectively, making it easy to add a subtle touch of animation to the reverb sound or produce wild "jet reverb" effects. In all cases three patches are provided: two serial and one parallel.

Pitch Change + Reverb Parameters

Pitch change capability can be extremely useful for creating artificial harmonies, or adding a subtle extra touch of high or low end to the basic sound. The pitch change portion of this program allows two pitch variations to be created in addition to the original sound. The series patches allow the reverb sound to be pitch-changed, while the parallel patch allows the original sound to be pitch-changed independently from the reverb effect.

Pan + Reverb Parameters

Auto-panning and reverb form a useful combination for many applications. This program provides the same three patches, two serial and one parallel, as most of the other combination programs, so that panning can be applied to the reverb or direct sound as required.

Preset Program List

Program Numbers 1-5: Large Hall; 6-10: Medium Hall; 11-15: Small Hall; 16-20: Large Room; 21-29: Medium Room; 30-36: Small Room; 37-49: Special Room; 50-60: Plate; 61-70: Gate; and 71-90: Effect Reverb.

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