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Original Reference Tubes

Thank you for your order. I have carefully tested these vacuum tubes in my lab using specialized equipment and have made every effort to ensure you of the highest performance and reliability attainable.

Inspect your order carefully. If there is any indication of damage, notify the Carrier immediately.

Should a tube fail to perform adequately during the warranty period (typically 100-Day Exchange, 1-Year ProRated), please email for Return Authorization #; include detailed description of your problem and your call-back #. Returns without RMA# will not be accepted.

F-14 types and types with flying-leads, such as AC-701M, 6111M, etc, not installed by AllegroSound are not covered under any guaranty/warranty; ditto for 4-pin triodes such as 2A3, 300B, etc, which are easily damaged by improper installation and use in sub-par amps.

Tubes which have been improperly used/tested are not covered under any guaranty/warranty. AllegroSound reserves the right to make this determination. Removal Of AllegroSound logo (where applicable) voids all guaranty/warranty.

Some tubes have slightly oversized pins, and great care must be exercised during installation and removal, especially in units with tight sockets. AllegroSound is NOT responsible for breakage during installation or removal. AC701 and other flying-lead types require special handling; call for assistance.

Contacts have been specially cleaned and straightened. DO NOT TOUCH PINS (or the glass of Power tubes) with bare fingers. DO NOT use "contact treatments" on tube pins!!! If you accidentally touch the pins, clean with Q-tip and alcohol, preferably 190-proof vodka.

Tube MICROPHONES should be run capsule-end UP for lowest noise and longer life of tube and capsule.
AllegroSound DataLink XLR-Balanced mic cable should be used wherever sound quality cannot be compromised.

AllegroSound recommends an initial burn-in of 24 hrs before critical evaluation. Long-life tubes, such as
AllegroSound 12AX7B, require more. Your feedback via email is appreciated; please note the Make/Model of equipment used.

AllegroSound can supply most types of Audio, Video, Industrial, Transmitting, Receiving, Medical and Special-Purpose tubes at competitive prices. Please email for pricing; include tube Number, Quantity and detailed Application.

AllegroSound created the audio reference tube business in 1978 with the introduction of fabled
AllegroSound 12AX7B Original Reference Tube and is dedicated to the accurate recording and reproduction of acoustic music. AllegroSound's pace-setting standards are never compromised. The AllegroSound logo is your assurance of the best there is, guaranteed, or $-back on the tubes!

"A day with music is a better day.
And music with AllegroSound tubes
is better music."

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"love what you listen with"
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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA
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