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Questions & Answers

* confusion occurs when entering this site
through a Side-door via a Search-engine.
Instead, enter the FRONT-door here.

Q: What is the best/fasted way to reach you?
include Details and Location.

Q: Your website looks and works fantastic on my
home, office & laptop PC & Mac computers,
but on my Apple iPhone and iPad your
PreOwned Equipment pages don't look as good,
and I'm unable to view the prices following
your instructions under "Prices" near the
top of those pages; what's up with this?
A: Site is optimized for viewing on a LARGE screen
(devices with tiny screen & no on-screen pointer
will have reduced functionality). Copy this URL
and Email to self for later viewing
on hme/office/laptop computer.
* more info below re iPhone-iPad.

Q: Are items I see on your website available to purchase?
A: AllegroSelect PreOwned Equipment
(linked from Home-Page Master-Index) you see
on the 4Sale pages & New Arrivals page, yes.
In Firefox/Palemoon and most other browsers except IE,
Page-Title be at very top of your browser in the blue bar;
this page is
 AllegroSound * Q+A *.
If you landed on page via a Search Engine or Toolbar,
you may be on the wrong page (i.e., info page)
or on an outdated, "cached" page;
see instructions at top of 4Sale pages.
Q: How can I avoid this problem in future visits to your site?
A: Click here and bookmark.

Q: Where are the PRICES?
A: All images on this site contain additional information
via "pop-up" text; place screen-pointer ON the image
(the spinning gold disc in this particular instance;
if you don't see spinning discs, you're on
an info-page and NOT on a 4Sale page!)
and the info will show in 1~3 seconds.
* this be a "hover" function; DO NOT CLICK !!!
If you do not see the info, REFRESH the page.
Q: What does "1k" mean?
A: 1k=US$1,000.

Q: My iPhone-iPad doesn't have a screen-pointer; what do I do?
A#1: Email URL to self & wait 'til you're at a computer.
A#2: iPhone-iPad without 3D Touch :
place finger on the spinning disc and
HOLD until text shows. DO NOT TAP !
Before you tell me it doesn't work,
here's iScreenShot taken with iPhone 6.
A#3: iPhone-iPad with 3D Touch :
lightly tap the spinning disc &
price will show in new page;
tap the back arrow to return.

Q: I'm at my computer & I still can't see the price;
what am I doing wrong?
A: Follow instructions under "PRICE$".
Q: I still need help; what do I do now?
A: Click "HELP" in the floating Menu
located at the far right of your screen.
Q: I don't see a Menu; what do I do now?
A: Click here.
Q: I found the Menu; it was out-of-view
on my screen; how can I fix this?
A#1: If you must use Microsoft's
Internet-Explorer or Edge browser,
try these settings under "View" :
1. Reset Zoom to 100%.
2. Reset Text to Larger.
A#2: If you're surfin' with Safari browser,
do NOT enable Reader-mode!
A#3: Use Firefox or Palemoon.
Q: Why should I bother?
A: If you can't view image-text on this site,
you can't view it on any site!
Q: I'm lost in cyberspace; what do I do now?
A: If you can't find my $, tell me yours.

Q: Your website sucks!
Why can't it look/work like
A#1: Because it's not.
A#2: One can't please all people all the time.
A#3: On the upside, it has useful information,
no ads, no trackers, no malware, and it's free.

Q: What's up with items on your New Arrivals page?
A#1: Items on this page are awaiting
A#2: What do you have in mind???      

Q: If an item is out of my $-range, can you advise
   items in same category within my $-range?
A: Yes, click here.

Q: Are you available via Telephone?
A: Yes, click here.

Q: Some of your prices include "ptc";
what does this mean?
A: ptc = partial-trades considered.
Q: Might this include all-trade?
A: With exception of p/s/h/i, yes.
Q: What is p/s/h/i?
A: packing/shipping/handling/insurance.
Q: Is p/s/h/i negotiable?
A: No.

Q: Some of your items include AllegroBuyBack™.
I like the sound of that tune; how does this work?
A: I will buy those items back for what you
paid minus all p/s/h/i plus restocking fee.
Q: How much is the restocking fee?
A: 10~20%, depends on the item.
Q: How long do I have to evaluate the equipment?
A: 30 days from receipt.
Q: Any special requirements?
A: Must be returned in same condition in same
  packing & slow-started with Variac at each turn-on
(see AllegroKnowledgeBase for more info).

Q: Some of your prices are "tbd",
what does this mean?
A#1: tbd = to be determined.
A#2: What do you have in mind???

Q: I see many "Unobtainium Class" items on your site.
What does "Unobtainium Class" mean?
A#1: Demand for this item is greater than the supply.
A#2: Good investment.

Q: Your No Cash Audio™ link on your Home-Page
has caught my interest; is it really possible to
get an item from you with no cash?
A: With exception of p/s/h/i, yes.
Q: How might that work?
A: Say I have item you can use more than item you have
that I can use more than item I have; assuming = value,
your only cost would be p/s/h/i on both items.
Q: Will I need to ship my item to you for inspection
and audition before you send me your item?
A: Yes, pre-payment is required.
Q: If I value my item higher,
will you kick in the extra cash?
A: What do you have in mind???

Q: Will you trade audio for non-audio items?
A: Will trade Audio for Auto; what do you have?

Q: Do you SHIP to my country?
    A: If it's on the planet Earth, Yes.
Q: How much will it cost?
A: Click here > SHIP info.

Q: Why do u charge Sales Tax on items delivered in California?
A: The State Of California requires me to do so.

Q: Why are some of your prices higher than I've seen on fleabay?
A: If you're happy with sellers on fleabay,
    you're easier to please than I am.

Q: An item I see on your website sold online for
  less than you quoted; will you lower your price?
A: What do you have in mind??? 

Q: If I see the same item on your site a month
    from now, will you be lowering the price?
A: What do you have in mind??? 

Q: Will you hold an item with a deposit?
A: Yes.
Q: How much deposit do you require?
A: 20~30%, depends on the item.
Q: Are deposits refundable?
A: No.
Q: How long will you hold the item for me?
A: How long do you need?

Q: How come you don't advertise your items as
"mint" or "minty" like I see elsewhere?
A: The term is applicable to uncirculated
coins and not used audio gear.
Most be 30~70 years old with imperfections
including, but not limited to, old capacitors,
non-functioning lamps, off-center knobs,
oxidation, scratches, nicks, dings, etc...
NO "mint"!   NO "minty"!!   NO "perfect"!!!
Actual pics sent prior to packing if not posted.
All sales as-is and final, so if you have any
special requirements regarding condition,
tell me before sending deposit/payment.

Q: Are your items pre-packed and ready to ship?
A: No.
Q: Why not?
A: Most items be in storage and will be serviced
prior to shipment; interval between servicing
and your installation is best minimized.

Q: Do you accept trade-ins?
A: If it's on my list here, it may be doable.
Q: What info do you need from me?
A: Click here.

Q: Do you purchase equipment outright?
A: Yes.
Q: What info do you need from me?
A: Click here.

Q: I have Make_ Model _ on your Wanted list; are u interested?
A: Possibly; click here and provide requested information;
the more quality info you send, the more interested I will be.
Follow with high-res, legible pics taken with a real camera;
if you must use a phone, select "Large 662K" before sending.
Follow up with pdf-scan of Literature and Manuals if you have.

Q: I see many specialized vacuum tubes
    on your site; are these new or used?
A: All tubes sold by AllegroSound are "used."
Q: Please explain.
A: "New" and "NOS" tubes sold by AllegroSound
    have been operated during testing, auditioning
    and burn-in & therefore are, technically, "used".
Many carry our 100-day exchange, 1-yr pro-rated warranty,
including "UOS" (used old stock) Telefunken 12AX7 "pulls".

Q: I've heard you are slow in shipping
pre-owned equipment; is this true?
Q: Please explain.
A#1: Equip is carefully cleaned, inspected, slow variac'd to
reform the capacitors, tested for dc-offset & adjusted as needed,
and carefully auditioned in reference system prior to packing.
A#2: Equip is packed-with-care to avoid damage (none in 40 yrs!).
A#3: Commercial Invoice with proper HTS# prepared for Foreign
orders, reducing the incidence of delay and damage in Customs.
A#4: Quality work requires quality time.
Q: What is your typical lead-time?
A: Depends on many unpredictable variables,
including orders ahead of yours.
Q: What is "HTS"?
A: Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Q: Do your solid-state amps sound like tubes?
A: No.

Q: Do any solid-state amps sound like tubes?
A: No.

Q: Do your tuners need alignment?
A: No.

Q: Do your tubes need replacing?
A: No.

Q: Do you really Inspect, Variac
& Audition before shipping?
A: Yes.

Q: Are AllegroSound tubes and cables
    really as good as you say they are?
A#1: Yes.
A#2: Hearing is believing.

Q: Is your guaranty for real?
A: Yes.

Q: Is your hearing still any good?
A: Yes.

Q: I read in a forum that it's not possible to successfully
mate ELS's with subwoofers; is this correct?
A#1: No.
A#2: Don't believe what you read in forums.

Q: Are you able to pack fragile items like tape machines
    & turntables so they don't get damaged in shipping?
A: Yes.

Q: I live out of USA and have to pay Import Duty on items
made in the USA; can you insure my shipment for
what I paid and declare lower value for Customs?
A: No. Insured-Value & Declared-Value must be same.
Q: Will you insure and declare a lower value than paid?
   A: No. All shipments are fully insured for your protection.

Q: I live in Europe; can I run 120V-50/60Hz
components on my 230V-50Hz mains?
A: Yes, if you use a step-DOWN Autoformer
or Variac with the proper rating.
CLICK here for detailed information.
Q: Will this harm the equipment?
A: No.
Q: Will this degrade the sound?
A: No.

Q: I live in Japan; can I run 120V-50/60Hz
components on my 100V-50Hz mains?
A: You can try as-is or use a step-UP Autoformer
or Variac with the proper rating.
CLICK here for detailed information.
Q: Will this harm the equipment?
A: No.
Q: Will this degrade the sound?
A: Depends on many variables, so the safe answer is maybe,
       but keep in mind that other things degrade the sound more.

Q: Do transformers, film-capacitors & semi-conductors
improve with age like a fine cabernet or puro?
A: Yes.

Q: Do speakers require over a year to
fully "run-in" when played 3 hrs/day?
A: Yes.

Q: Is speaker run-in permanent?
A: No.

Q: Do electronics require 3 Months of on-time to "burn-in"?
A: Yes.

Q: Do electronics need re-adjusting
of Bias & DC-Offset after burn-in?
A: Yes.

Q: After burn-in, do solid-state electronics need 3 Days
    warm-up to reach FSP™ / Full Sonic Potential™ ?
A: Yes.

Q: My high-bias amp raises the room-temp and spins my
power meter like a roulette-wheel; if I have you or local tech
lower the bias so it runs cooler & consumes less electricity,
and I leave it on, will it sound as good?
A: It will sound better.
Q: So why don't manufacturers employ a High-Low bias switch?
A#1: Those in-the-know do, but they be
the exception rather than the norm.
A#2: They didn't consult with me.

Q: Will slow-starting electronics with a
Variac help avoid costly repairs?
A: Yes.
Q: Even new electronics?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you really practice what you preach?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it true that DumbPC™ is the most-secure,
stable and reliable computer available?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have long-term references you can send?
A: Yes.

Q: Why don't you offer free professional consultation?
A#1: You just got one.
A#2: Click here.         
A#3: There's only 24 hours in the day.
A#4: Because my Accountant, Attorney & Doctor don't.

Q: Can I pay with a Credit-Card?
A: Yes, subject to approval at Western Union.

Q: Do you take Credit Cards directly?
A: No.

Q: Can I pay via Bank Wire Transfer?
A: Yes, subject to approval.

Q: I'm located in the USA; can I pay via PayPal?
A: Payments via PayPal are limited to $200
    from PayPal-Verified USA address.

Q: For purchases greater than $200,
   can I pay via Money Order?
   A: Yes, via your local U.S. Post Office.
Q: Do you accept other Money Orders?
A: No.

Q: Can I pay via Personal Check drawn on a U.S. bank?
A: Yes, subject to approval & additional fees where applicable.
Note that while your check may clear in a few days,
I have no way to verify that; if you want faster service,
send USPS Money Order or Bank Check.

Q: Can I pay via Offical Bank Check?
 A: Yes, from the following banks only:
USBank, UnionBank, BankOfAmerica.

Q: Is my money safe with you?
A: Yes, and in the unlikely event I am unable to ship,
   funds are maintained to cover refund of item.
Before sending payment, please review
Condition, Pics, Prices, Terms here
Questions & Answers (here)
Shipping info here
and advise/confirm; thank you.

Q: I see you've been in business for 47 yrs;
do you have a biography of sorts?
A: Yes, click here and scroll down to AllegroBio.  

Q: Does your website have a Master-Index?
A: Yes, click here and bookmark.                 

Q: Your site is an excellent resource;
how may I show my support?
A: Tell your friends; thank you :)  

...a word about email...
email to AllegroSound best sent as follows:
Subject-line: Make/Model# of item (keep short).
Message-area: paint me a complete picture re
your inquiry; include Location, Occupation, etc.
In your Email Account Settings, direct
"" to your INbox.


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