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Universal Format Converter

OTARI UFC-24 Universal Format Converter with
addition of optional 24 channels of AES/EBU capability
providing uncompromised conversion of all formats.

This 2U rack-mount unit allows up to 24 tracks
of digital audio to be transferred simultaneously
from the source-format to all of the most-common
formats used in the industry today.

A single UFC-24 will convert up to 24 channels
at a time from any one to all of the following:
• PD • SDIF-2 • ADAT • TDIF-1 • AES/EBU •

Multiple units may be linked to provide sample-
transfer of more than 24 channels.

The input source-format outputs to
all other formats at the same time.

MIDI Input, Output & Throughput connectors
are provided for patch-change control
of Routing-Presets & Input-Format.

All parameters of the UFC-24 may be stored as
System-Exclusive Data to a MIDI storage device
and later recalled.

1:1 Track-Mapping & user-selectable Routing
of Input-channels to Output-channels is
provided by buttons on the front panel.

Up to 6 user-configurable Routing-Presets allow
Channel Routing Maps to be recalled at any time.

LEDs indicate status of Source-Clock lock
and Channel Assignments.

Frank Wells, Masterfonics, Nashville, TN:
"We heard about the UFC-24 from OTARI when it was first coming out and it met a need that had been in the market for a long time. All of these digital formats are 16-bit and are all storing the same words at the same sampling rates but you couldn't get information from one of them to the other one without going out into the analog world. Now the UFC-24 is able to address the pro formats (PD and DASH), plus the ADAT and DA-88 that many producers are using to work in home studios. It seems to meet all those needs in one relatively inexpensive box. Being able to re-route channels in the box is also a big plus. We use the phrase 'digital everything -- all at once' around here...and this box applies that on a multi-track 'digital everywhere -- from anywhere' basis. That sums it up pretty well."

Rudy Van Gelder, Rudy Van Gelder Studio, NJ:
"We needed the capability of transferring digitally between PCM-3324 (DASH) to PCM-800 (DA-88 format) and I wanted to transfer 24 tracks digitally. The UFC-24 is very stable, very reliable and it performs what it's supposed to do perfectly. The additional thing about it that I like is the routing flexibility within the unit. This is a feature that I wasn't originally aware of, but I use it all the time...I'm really pleased with the UFC-24."

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