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Email the following info for
item(s) you have to trade.

- Make.

- Model.

- Serial #.

- Color / Finish.

- XLR Balanced Inputs?

(phono, remote...).

- Repairs?

- Updates?

- Mods?

- Cosmetic Condition.

- Mechanical Condition.

- Operational Condition.

- AC "Mains" Voltage
(100-120-240 Vac).

- Original Box?

- Original Manual?

(when/where purchased...).

- When last powered on
Hard-starting will severely shorten
the life of critical electrical parts
and drastically reduce the value;
do NOT power on without a Variac
and these instructions >  .
For further assistance  .

- Location of item(s).

- Day & Eve tel #'s.

Follow with high-resolution, legible pics taken
with a real camera; if you don't have one,
phone a friend; if U must use a cell-phone,
select "Large 662K" before sending.
Follow up with pdf-scan of Literature, Owner's
Manual, Service Manual, Reviews, if you have.

- TAPE DECKS additional info -
2.00mm or 2.75mm tracks?
NAB or CCIR/IEC Record eq?
How many Heads?

AllegroSound purchases and trade-ins are not final until
received, inspected, tested and approved by AllegroSound.
Items failing to meet described condition will be returned
at customer's expense plus $90/hr labor for inspection,
testing, repacking & handling. Additional fees may apply.

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−  Established 1973  −
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