"Your home computer is a popular target for intruders. Why? Because intruders want what you've stored there. They look for credit card numbers, bank account information, and anything else they can find. By stealing that information, intruders can use your money to buy themselves goods and services.

But it's not just money-related information they're after. Intruders also want your computer's resources, meaning your hard disk space, your fast processor, and your Internet connection. They use these resources to attack other computers on the Internet.

Why are intruders paying attention to home computers? Because home computers are typically not very secure and are easy to break into. When combined with high-speed Internet connections that are always turned on, intruders can quickly find and then attack home computers.

How do intruders break into your computer? In some cases, they send you email with a virus. Reading that email activates the virus, creating an opening that intruders use to enter or access your computer. In other cases, they take advantage of a flaw or weakness in one of your computer's programs to gain access.

Once they're on your computer, they often install new programs that let them continue to use your computer, even after you plug the holes they used to get onto your computer in the first place. These backdoors are usually cleverly disguised so that they blend in with the other programs running on your computer."

What info are you disclosing on the internet?
GO to >

Is your Firewall set up correctly?
GO to >
under Services pulldown at top of page, Click ShieldsUP!;
Scroll down and Click Proceed (small box in middle of page);
Select All Service Ports (small silver button in blue box);
this scan should take less than one minute to complete;
ea box represents one of 1056 internet ports in your system;
if ALL boxes are Green & your system does not respond to
being ping'd, you pass :-)  if not, get immediate assistance.
APCStip: when not surfing the web, disconnect
computer from the modem, & Reboot both daily.

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