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* K = 1000.     PR = pair.     PTC = partial trades considered.

 allegrosound dot com 

AllegroSound has been dedicated to
accurate recording and reproduction of
acoustic music for well over ¼ Century.
For those who value ears-on experience,
AllegroSound is "hear" to assist you.

Trades welcome!  allegrosound dot com AllegroBio 

* AllegroQC with 40 yrs experience.
* Safe-Packing. Trust your purchase to
one who knows and cares to pack it so
you receive it in the same condition :-)
* Commercial Invoice with proper HTS#
provided with foreign shipments reduces
unnecessary delay & damage in Customs.

World-Wide Shipping

Most be 30~70 years old with imperfections
including, but not limited to, old capacitors,
non-functioning lamps, off-center knobs,
oxidation, scratches, nicks, dings, etc
NO "mint"!  NO "minty"!  NO "perfect"!
All pre-owned/used unless otherwise ntd.

AllegroGrade on scale of 1~6:
  6 = New-In-Sealed-Box.
  5 = New-In-Open-Box.
  4 = Demo-In-Open-Box.
  3 = Good. 2 = Fair. 1 = Poor.
* most be AllegroGrade 3 - actual pics
sent prior to packing if not already posted.
All sales as-is and final, so if you have any
special requirements regarding condition,
tell me before sending deposit/payment.
See Pics, MainsVoltage, Terms below
& Questions & Answers (Q+A) in Menu.

Pics are shown for display purposes
& may not represent exact condition;
actual pics are posted as I have them.

See "Condition" above & "Q+A" in Menu.

allegrosound dot com  Mains Voltage & What To Do About It
allegrosound dot com  220~240 Vac 

Place screen-pointer over the spin-
ning gold disc in the listings below,
price will show in 1~2 secs; if not,
Click "HELP" in the floating Menu.

* prices NET-USD f.o.b. Los Angeles, California, USA.
* k = US$1,000.   ptc = partial trades considered.
* tbd = to be determined.   mp = matched pair.
* prices w/o deposit subject to change w/o notice.
AllegroLayAway with 20~30% down.
AllegroTradeUP with your approved trade-in.
AllegroBuyBack on selected items (see Q+A).

AllegroSound trade-ins/purchases are not
final until received, inspected, tested and
approved by AllegroSound. Items failing to
meet represented condition will be returned
at Customer's expense plus $90/hr labor for
additional fees may apply.

 Vacuum Tubes
All tubes sold by AllegroSound have been
carefully tested on the finest equipment
and, therefore, are technically "used".
* most plug-in tubes carry our exclusive
100-day exchange/1-yr pro-rated warranty.

  Terms & Conditions
Equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned,
variac'd, tested for dc-offset & auditioned
in ref system before it leaves our facility.
Quality work with TLC takes quality time;
I work at my pace & have orders ahead
of yours; item will ship when testing is
completed and packed for safe transit.
Suitability sole responsibility of Buyer.
Not responsible for errors/semantics/etc.
All items subject to prior sale or no sale.
Prices subject to change without notice.
All equipment as-is without warranty.
All sales f.o.b. Los Angeles California;
all matters & costs beyond this point,
including, but not limited to, packing,
freight, ins, taxes, fees, duty, are sole
responsibility of Buyer. All sales final.
L.A.C. Sales Tax applies in California.

      allegrosound dot com     allegrosound dot com allegrosound dot com           

Why upgrade?
When your system doesn't sound good, you don't feel good;
when you don't feel good, your work is not good;
when your work is not good, your marriage is not good;
when your marriage is not good, you get divorced;
when you get divorced, you loose your system.

Upgrade today at

Reel Tape Decks 
7.5-ips pre-recorded tapes sound closer to the original
master-tape than the lp. If you haven't experienced the
joys of reel-to-reel analog tape, you're missing out on the
finest music source available. Be happy, spin analog tape.

"I don't have deeply held feelings about the sound of cd
vs vinyl; they're different; & I suppose if I really had my
druthers, I would take a nice, high-speed, non-Dolby,
analog tape; some of the best things I've ever heard
came from that source.
"—Nelson Pass, Threshold.

* note: reels and adaptors pictured are not included.
* optional
AllegroMods Direct Play-Head Outputs
for use with choice of outboard playback electronics.

replacement Pinch Rollers:
  Contact Terry at Terry's Rubber Rollers, , tel 616.696.3625 ,
AllegroSound & save 15%.

allegrosound dot com Tape Replay EQ & Head Standards 

allegrosound dot com Tape Record & Play EQ Graphs 

allegrosound dot com Quarter-Inch-Tape-Formats 

In March 1932, several test recordings were made at the Academy
of Music
using two microphones connected to two styli cutting two
tracks on the same wax disk. On March 12, Stokowski recorded
his first binaural disc, Scriabin's Poem of Fire; this recording is
the earliest example of stereophonic recording that has survived,
although it was not called "stereo" at that time. Keller had apparently
made similar stereo recordings in New York in 1928 but were lost :-(
Alan Blumlein made his stereo recording of Thomas Beecham with
the London Philharmonic in January 1934.  2-channels for 2-ears!

fabled Akai 6-head headstack  
for bi-directional GX-266-II.

(parting-out GX-266-II; email parts you want)
allegrosound dot com  Akai GX-266-II 

 since 1948.                   2-trk R/P + ¼-trk Play
Ampex 4-head Headstack # 2.96620-03,         allegrosound dot com 
rumored to exist and here it is, like new,
adds ¼-trk Playback capability to vintage
300-350-351-354 Recorder-Reproducers,
now you can enjoy all your tapes w/tubes,
cables/connectors incl, Plug-N-Play :-)
allegrosound dot com  Ampex 300-350-354 headstack    

 since 1948.       2-trk R/P
Ampex ATR-800 Headstack,     
add 2-trk R/P to ATR-800-4,       allegrosound dot com 
¼" 2-trk, NOS, Plug-N-Play :-)
allegrosound dot com Ampex ATR-800 headstack 

 since 1948.
Ampex ATR-800 Remote-Control,
NOS, supreme build-quality!

 since 1948.         NAB + IEC R/P
fabled Ampex ATR-800 Electronics,
2-ch FET Record-Play, NAB + IEC,
transformer-coupled MIC preamps,
modular construction with multi-
adjusters accessible via neat
front slide-out drawer, vu meters,
internal pwr-sup, new-old-stock.
UPgrade your R2R and play Tape
tapes in all their IEC glory.

allegrosound dot com  Ampex ATR-800 Electronics 

 since 1948.           no bottles, no chips :-)
fabled Ampex AG-500 Record-Playback
Electronics c.1967, discrete solid-state,
rare 7.5/15-ips NAB, Cat.#40256-19,
factory-matched pair #182805/20,
transformer-coupled Balanced out,
low-noise/high-gain w/front-panel
Volume and switchable Playback
curves (adjustable on back panel),
handy front-panel headphone jack,
nice back-lit volume-unit meters,
set for medium-inductance heads
(easily changed to match others),
2U rack-mount each (7-inch total),
RCA Play-hd in, plug-in pwr cords,
mil-spec build w/top quality parts,
nice alternative to bottles & chips.

allegrosound dot com  Ampex AG-500 Electronics 

 since 1948.          
AMPEX half-inch 4-trk Headstack
for fabled MR-70 nuvistor tape dk,
low hours, Plug-N-Play :-)

The original ATR-102: Answer Triple-Corder ATR-102.
3-in-1 portable, records bi-directional up to 10 min
ea way on 3-in reels of ¼-in tape, plays 7-in 45-rpm
vinyl, receives med-wave broadcasts 535~1605 kHz.
8-in diam, 3.5-in high, 4-lbs net + (3) 1.5V D cells.

allegrosound dot com  Answer ATR-102 Triple-Corder 

now you can...
  allegrosound dot com 
fabled EMT 240 Gold-Foil Analog Reverb
outperforms 140 & 250 & everything else!
next-best-thing to a live chamber and
this one's portable! Go for the Gold!

allegrosound dot com  EMT 240 Gold-Foil Reverb       

FiCord 101S Recorder-Reproducer,
¼" tape, 2" reels, precision Swiss
engineering, orig leather case.

fabled GIESE Electronic KG
LockSystem-3 SMPTE/EBU
Time-Code Synchronizer,
Universal Master Interface,
Stellavox TD-9 Slave Interface,
modular build, none better.
allegrosound dot com GIESE LockSystem3 Synchronizer    

  since 1945.       totally tubular!
 allegrosound dot com   
Magnecord 728 R2R c.1960,
totally tubular 2-trk + ¼-trk
Play, 10.5" reels, 15 - 7.5 ips,
Mil-spec build, outperforms
Ampex 350 and ReVox G36,
portable case and manual.
allegrosound dot com  Magnecord 728 tape deck     

Marconi-Stille steel-band recorder c.1932

IV-S...too good to fail.        NAB + IEC + NM
NAGRA IV-S Stereo Recorder-Reproducer,
accepts 7" reels on it's own
(unlike others),
and 10.5" reels with Nagra QGB servo-cont
reel-motor unit transforming 4S into world's
smallest 3-motor 3-spd 10.5" reel tape deck,
15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips + variable w/optional QSV,
non-solenoid drive with servo-controlled
tension & variable-speed slow-wind with
non-stationary contacts provides safest
handling of your precious master tapes,
battery (12 D cells) or world-wide AC op,
top-quality transformer-coupled phantom-
pwrd mic pres, NAB + NagraMaster record,
NAB + CCIR-IEC + NagraMaster playback,
100% discrete circuits throughout!
Legendary performance and reliability.
NOW you can play your TapeProject
tapes in style &/or plug in a stereo mic,
thread up a tape and record live music
in glorious non-sampled SuperAnalog.

* Nagra 4-S without center-track has 2.75mm tracks.
* Nagra 4.2 is full-track mono (there is no Stereo 4.2).
* Nagra 4-SJ, designed for scientific measurements,
  uses ANSI "Direct Modulation" without the record
  Preemphasis & play Deemphasis used for music;
  higher noise is traded for lower phase deviation.
* Nagra 4-SJM was designed for the French Navy.
* Optional
AllegroMods Direct Play-Head Out
  for use with outboard electronics of your choice.
* 4S-TC (Time-Code) & QGB avail for local Rental.

* if U have Nagra SNST, QGB, Ti, TA or parts for sale, plse email.
allegrosound dot com  NAGRA IV-S 4-S Stereo Tape Deck 

since 1951, like no other.      NAB + IEC + NM
turn iron-oxide into gold-records with
fabled NAGRA T-Audio NTA-2-TC
Recorder-Reproducer, 2-track
with Time-Code + Pilot + Neopilot,
30 - 15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips + Vari-speed,
NAB + IEC + NagraMaster play eq,
accepts reel sizes up to 12.5 inch,
instrumentation-transport with five
servo-controlled motors eliminates
modulation noise and tape stretch,
unique video-type jog-and-shuttle,
High-stability Time-base option for
state-of-the-art post-production.
* $ depends on options; most are avail, including
TACO-M1, TACO-D2RS, Overbridge, Cover, etc.

* if you have NAGRA TA, Ti, or parts for sale, please email.
allegrosound dot com NAGRA T-Audio recorder-reproducer 

Dream-Machine!  any spd, any eq, auto-cal, servo-tension...
turn iron-oxide into gold-records with this
Otari MTR-15N Master Recorder-Reproducer,
Otari's last and way-best analog tape deck,
Auto-Calibrate enables any blank tape to
be quickly calibrated and stored in memory,
B&O's clever Headroom-eXtension enables
recording with wider dynamics & lower noise,
4 Speeds: 30 - 15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips + Variable,
4 Record/Play EQs: AES - NAB - NABJ - IEC
plus custom eq to compensate for off-tapes
programmable in real-time from front panel,
servo-controlled tension for safe handling of
polyester-Mylar without danger of stretching,
advanced electronics outperform others
(Ampex, J-Corder, Sony, Studer, Technics...),
easy front-panel access to plugin cards,
Vari-spd in all modes incl Wind, Auto-locate,
Monitor amp/spkr, top build quality (101 lbs)
with one-inch precision-machined deck-plate,
handles all reel sizes incl 12.5-in broadcast.
Available Options: ¼-trk Play hd, overbridge,
roll-around trolley, customized deck-plate.
* not to be confused with popular MX series,
which does not in any way play in this league.
* the abundance of usefull features does not
detract from its prime mission - sota playback
of your 2-track (& optional ¼-track) tapes incl
TheTapeProject tapes with IEC eq and other
non-std tapes at any speed with any eq!
allegrosound dot com  Otari MTR-15 Recorder-Reproducer 

play ¼-trk tapes on your MX-5050-B2
OTARI MX-5050-B2 headstack,
¼" 4-track or ¼-track stereo,    allegrosound dot com 
NewOldStock, Plug-N-Play :-)
allegrosound dot com OTARI MX headstack     

since 1954.     NAB Stereo head-block + eq!
Transform MonoStella into StereoStella.
Stellavox STEREO Head-Block+EQ for
fabled SP-7, SM-7, SP-8, SM-8, etc,
¼" 2-track, NAB 2.00mm, NAB eq
(15 and 7.5 ips Play, 7.5 ips Record,
Rec eq can be changed to 15 ips),
original & superior Bogen heads
( Erase - Record - Sync - Play ),
low hours, Plug-N-Play :-)
allegrosound dot com Stellavox SP-7 Stereo HeadBlock       allegrosound dot com 

Stellavox TD-9 TD9 tape deck WANTED at
Stellavox HB-9 HB9 head-blocks WANTED at

since 1948.
turn iron-oxide into gold-records with this
Studer A807-2-VUK ¼" 2-track Recorder-
Reproducer, 15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips + Variable,
Servo-Tape-Tension, NAB 2.00mm heads,
NAB record eq, NAB + CCIR-IEC play eq,
tape-shuttle, library-wind, calibration via
microprocessor with repeatable presets,
fabled B&O HX-Pro headroom-extension,
original trolley with metered overbridge,
monitor amplifier and loudspeaker.
allegrosound dot com  Studer A807 Recorder-Reproducer 

since 1948.             2-track + time-code
   allegrosound dot com     
turn iron-oxide into gold-records with this
Studer-ReVox C270 Recorder-Reproducer
with Time-Code option, Servo-Tension,
3-speeds 15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips + Vari-speed,
Auto-Locate, XLR-Balanced in and out,
NAB 2.00mm heads, NAB Record/Play eq,
Headroom-eXtension enables recordings
with wider dynamics and lower noise,
modular design w/front-panel access to
audio cards, plug-in eq easily changed
to IEC for playback of TapeProject tapes
(TP tapes be 2.0 NAB tracks with IEC eq),
removeable rack/trolley-mount brackets,
#1848, late production, very low hours.
Studer's final analog tape deck c.1990.
allegrosound dot com Studer-ReVox C270 C-270 tape deck 

FULL-trk portable rec/play
      allegrosound dot com      allegrosound dot com
Studer-ReVox HS77-FT Mk.IV, Special-Order
FULL-Track MONO Recorder-Reproducer,
15 - 7.5 ips NAB, portable case w/monitor
amplifiers and speakers, very low hours,
a better choice to transfer FULL-trk tapes
or for analog delay/echo in your studio.

allegrosound dot com  Studer-ReVox HS77 HS-77 tape deck 

TEAC AN-60 Dolby-B Encode-Decode,
now you can play Dolby-B-encoded
Barclay-Crocker pre-recorded tapes.

        2-track + ¼-track playback
fabled Technics RS-1500
unique Isolated-Loop design,
servo-controlled tape tension,
15 - 7.5 - 3.75 + Variable speed,
4-head interchangeable headblock,
2-track plus ¼-track Playback,
choice of 2-trk or ¼-trk Record,
NAB eq (can be changed), low hrs.
allegrosound dot com  Technics RS-1500 RS1500 tape deck 

        Bi-Directional Record/Play
Technics RS-1700 Recorder-Reproducer,
Bi-directional Record-Play with off-the-
tape monitoring in both directions,
6 hrs of music before repeating,
unique Isolated-Loop design,
servo-controlled tape tension,
15 - 7.5 - 3.75 + Variable spd,
interchangeable headblock
with 2 Erase/Record, 2 Play.
allegrosound dot com Technics RS-1700 Auto-Reversing R2R 

                              Tape Degausser
Technics Tape Degausser
(or, "How To Simultaneously
Destroy A Precious Master Tape
And Magnetize Your Tape Heads.

  Which Tape Deck??  

  allegrosound dot com    allegrosound dot com 

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA

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