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* K = 1000.     PR = pair.     PTC = partial trades considered.


AllegroSound has been dedicated to
accurate recording and reproduction of
acoustic music for well over ¼ Century.
For those who value ears-on experience,
AllegroSound is "hear" to assist you.

Trades welcome!   AllegroBio 

* AllegroQC with 40 yrs experience.
* Safe-Packing. Trust your purchase to
one who knows and cares to pack it so
you receive it in the same condition :-)
* Commercial Invoice with proper HTS#
provided with foreign shipments reduces
unnecessary delay & damage in Customs.

World-Wide Shipping

Most be 30~70 years old with imperfections
including, but not limited to, old capacitors,
non-functioning lamps, off-center knobs,
oxidation, scratches, nicks, dings, etc
NO "mint"!  NO "minty"!  NO "perfect"!
All pre-owned/used unless otherwise ntd.

AllegroGrade on scale of 1~6:
  6 = New-In-Sealed-Box.
  5 = New-In-Open-Box.
  4 = Demo-In-Open-Box.
  3 = Good. 2 = Fair. 1 = Poor.
* most be AllegroGrade 3 - actual pics
sent prior to packing if not already posted.
All sales as-is and final, so if you have any
special requirements regarding condition,
tell me before sending deposit/payment.
See Pics, MainsVoltage, Terms below
& Questions & Answers (Q+A) in Menu.

Pics are shown for display purposes
& may not represent exact condition;
text trumps pics - read description
and email if you need clarification.

 Mains Voltage & What To Do About It
 220~240 Vac 

Place screen-pointer over the spin-
ning gold disc in the listings below,
price will show in 1~2 secs; if not,
Click "HELP" in the floating Menu.

* prices NET-USD f.o.b. Los Angeles, California, USA.
* k = US$1,000.   ptc = partial trades considered.
* tbd = to be determined.   mp = matched pair.
* prices w/o deposit subject to change w/o notice.
AllegroLayAway with 20~30% down.
AllegroTradeUP with your approved trade-in.
AllegroBuyBack on selected items (see Q+A).

AllegroSound trade-ins/purchases are not
final until received, inspected, tested and
approved by AllegroSound. Items failing to
meet represented condition will be returned
at Customer's expense plus $90 per hr labor
for unpacking/inspection/testing/repacking;
additional fees may apply.

 Vacuum Tubes
All tubes sold by AllegroSound have been
carefully tested on the finest equipment
and, therefore, are technically "used".
* most plug-in tubes carry our exclusive
100-day exchange/1-yr pro-rated warranty.

  Terms & Conditions
Equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned,
variac'd, tested for dc-offset & auditioned
in ref system before it leaves our facility.
Quality work with TLC takes quality time;
I work at my pace & have orders ahead
of yours; item will ship when testing is
completed and packed for safe transit.
Suitability sole responsibility of Buyer.
Not responsible for errors/semantics/etc.
All items subject to prior sale or no sale.
Prices subject to change without notice.
All equipment as-is without warranty.
All sales f.o.b. Los Angeles California;
all matters & costs beyond this point,
including, but not limited to, packing,
freight, ins, taxes, fees, duty, are sole
responsibility of Buyer. All sales final.
L.A.C. Sales Tax applies in California.


Why upgrade?
When your system doesn't sound good, u don't feel good;
when you don't feel good, your work is not good;
when your work is not good, your marriage is not good;
when your marriage is not good, you get divorced;
when you get divorced, you loose your system.

Upgrade today at

Help the environment; spin more vinly and less rubber.

In March 1932, several test recordings were made at the Academy
of Music
using two microphones connected to two styli cutting two
tracks on the same wax disk. On March 12, Stokowski recorded
his first binaural disc, Scriabin's Poem of Fire; this recording is
the earliest example of stereophonic recording that has survived,
although it was not called "stereo" at that time. Keller had apparently
made similar stereo recordings in New York in 1928 but were lost :-(
Alan Blumlein made his stereo recording of Thomas Beecham
with the London Philharmonic in January 1934.

R.I.P. "On May 26th, 1999, Waldo Semon, inventor of vinyl, passed
away in Hudson, Ohio at age of 100; Dr. Semon invented our fave
synthetic in 1926 at B.F.Goodrich while trying to devise something
else: an adhesive that would make rubber & metal stick together;
Semon held 116 patents, and in 1995 was inducted into the
U.S.National Inventors Hall Of Fame; he also invented and
held a patent on bubble gum.
" —MF, Stereophile

Acoustic Research Turntable/Arm,
superior version with single motor
and a real walnut wood plinth.

The original ATR-102: Answer Triple-Corder ATR-102.
3-in-1 portable, records bi-directional up to 10 min
ea way on 3-in reels of ¼-in tape, plays 7-in 45-rpm
vinyl, receives med-wave broadcasts 535~1605 kHz.
8-in diam, 3.5-in high, 4-lbs net + (3) 1.5V D cells.
 Answer ATR-102 Triple-Corder 

B&O Fentone Special
MONO phono pickup.

fabled DB Systems DBP-10
Phono Alignment Protractor
with case and instructions.
DB Systems Protractor 

DK Electronic Stylus Cleaner.

fabled Empire 108 stereo pickup,
unique 4-coil design, 0.7-mil, 1.5~5.0g,
original sylus + unused replacement,
original box and manual included.
 Empire 108 Stereo Pickup 

Original Box, Case, Guard
for Empire 888 stereo pickup.

ESL C-60 MONO pickup c.1958. 

Fairchild MONO pickup. 

GE MONO pickup. 

Great American Sound (GAS)
Sleeping Beauty MC pickup,
0.27mv, 1.8g vtf, 6Ω outputZ.
GAS Sleeping Beauty MC 

Koetsu Black MC #53958,
0.36mv, may need service.

Luxman PD-121 Direct-Drive turntable,
33+45rpm, cast chassis, vari-pitch, strobe,
SME IV + FD-IV damping and in-play VTA,
Coral 900E low-output MC. plug-n-play!
Luxman PD-121 DD turntable 

MICRO SEIKI DD-20 Direct-Drive table
+ tonearm, 33 + 45 rpm, auto-shutoff.
MICRO SEIKI DD-20 turntable/arm 

Nakamichi TA-100 plug-in tonearm "wand"
for fabled Dragon-CT Centering Turntable.
 Nakamichi TA-100 for Dragon-CT 

Pickups in need of service:
- Dynavector Karat Ruby MC.
- Fidelity Research FR-1Mk3F MC.
- Goldring Electro II-LZ Boron MC.
- Grace F-9E MM.
- Koetsu Black MC.
- Ortofon F-15E Mk2 MM.
- Signet MK-220E MC.
Trade for ???

REK-O-KUT Headshell.    

Ronco vacuum vinyl-cleaner,
modified to run on AC mains.

(or, you could pay 58x more
for Audiodeske Vinyl-Cleaner)

 Ronco Vacuum Vinyl-Cleaner 

indespensible tools for the vinyl connoisseur
fabled Shure CPEK-3 Stereo Cartridge
Analyzer, complete package with
Shure-modified Swift Instruments Lab
Microscope with Zoom, Jig & Lighting,
Shure Test LP, Op-Manual, Schematic.
Shure CPEK-3 Cartridge Analyzer 

fabled SME Series IV precision tonearm
upgraded with FD-IV adjustable damping
& in-play adjustable VTA a la Series V.
"...sets a benchmark against which all others must
surely be judged...the master-tape-like stability of
the performance was simply spellbinding.
" —HFN

(or, you could pay more for SME V & hear no difference).
 SME Series IV Tonearm 

"the turntable (& tonearm) Newton would have built"
SOTA Star Sapphire turntable,
"the tt Newton would have built",
gentle/silent/auto vacuum clamping
solves many lp & pickup problems,
Wheaton Tri-Planar II precision t/a
solves many tonearm problems,
upgraded arm-board and platter,
RCA-box, nude Benz MC-3 pickup,
Reflex clamp, solid oak plinth.
"3rd Most-Significant Turntable Of All Time." —TAS
 SOTA Sapphire suspension turntable 

Telefunken tt, Ortofon arm, auto-lift, vari-pitch, strobe, world-ps
Telefunken S-600 belt-drive turntable,  
Ortofon AS212 tonearm with auto-lift,
frictionless magnetic anti-skating,
removeable universal headshell,
33 + 45 rpm, vari-pitch w/strobe,
isolation-suspension system,
world power-supply, c.1976.
Telefunken S-600 turntable/arm 

"intoxicating, almost magical..a first-class tonearm"

VPI JMW-10 Precision Tonearm,
upgraded factory counterweight,
RCA termination-box, in-Play VTA.

Stereophile's analog guru, M Fremer:
"...Inner detail was outstanding...
It has the sweetest, warmest, lushest
midrange of any arm I've ever heard.
It's creamy-rich with very low apparent
distortion and the burnished glow you
expect from single-ended triode amps.
...its sonic performance is intoxicating,
almost magical...a first-class tonearm.
Absolute Sound's editor, Harry Pearson:
"5-stars...the least character, the least
coloration & the lowest distortion at both
freq extremes of any in our experience.
(or, you could pay 5x more for new
EMT 997 without in-play VTA)
 VPI JMW-10 tonearm 

kills static
ZEROSTAT anti-static "gun",
removes static from LPs, CDs,
DVDs, etc, made in England.

Sumer Review from B.A.S., 1974:

"I'd like to share my experience with a product,
Zerostat from Discwasher, that has done everything
I hoped it would do. The last place I lived apparently
was the South Carolina generating point for static
& made records almost impossible to play enjoyably.
Washing didn't work, Preeners & Dust Bugs didn't work &
neither did swearing or abstinence. Zerostat did though,
to perfection! It was literally unbelievable, & fully justified
its price, at least to me. If you've got problems with static,
this thing ought to do the trick.
" —B.A.S. 1974.

   'sweeet'               Plug-n-Play VINYL UPGRADE

fabled Canary Audio CA-400 MM+MC
Preamp, Absoluten Spitzenklasse!!!
hand-built w/TLC in California USA,
PURE-TUBE design with 4-12AX7 in
Phonostage + 6267 & 12BH7 in PSU.
NO step-up transformers! NO transistors!
NO ICs!, NO glare!, NO grain!, NO etch!
detachable XLR-5 psu cable at both ends,
outperforms all solid-state phono pres
and most tube phono pres at any price,
factory-sealed A-stock, buy today & save
50% on Quartet of fabled
Original Reference Tubes.
(or, you could pay 22x more for TruLife Reikon,
6x more for Abbingdon Music Research PH-77,
15x more for Audio Research Reference Phono 10,
or a whopping 30x more for a Vitus MP-P201).
demo unit
 Canary CA-400 Phono Preamp 


−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA

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