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Ampex AG-300/350 record/play electronics.

Ampex AG-500 7.5" reel tape deck w/

Ampex AM-10 mixer with meter panel.

Ampex PR-10 4-head transport w/

dbx SNR-1 Single-Ended Source Noise Reduction,
great for those noisy cassette tapes.

hk Citation I stereo tube preamp.
hk Citation IIIx stereo tube tuner.
hk Citation V stereo tube amp.    

Dynaco FM-3 mono tube tuner.

Dynaco Mk.III tube amps
#3903121 & #3903132.

Eico MX-99 mpx adaptor.

Electro-Voice XEQ-3 2/3-way
Balanced electronic crossovers.

Furman CN-20MP Controller.

Goldmund Stellavox PW-1 amps.

Hadley 621 preamps, Mk1 & Mk2.

hk/Otala preamp/amp combo:
harman-kardon 825 preamp. 
harman-kardon 870 amplifier.

harman-kardon F-1000T tuner
(companion to Citation A pre).

Heathkit A7 tube amp/preamp.

Infinity Systems Laser Monolumnia
laser light show, late version.

Kenwood L-07M monoblocks.

Kenwood L-09M monoblocks.

Luxman LRS 5F70 Real-Time Tone-Control.

Linn KLOUT power amp.

Marantz 7T preamp.

McIntosh C-8 preamps w/cabs & custom ps.

McIntosh MA-230 tube amp/preamp.

Mitsubishi Diatone DA-C7 preamp/tuner.

Music Reference RM-10 tube amp,
35w/ch, 2/6BQ5/EL84/ch, sweeet!

Nakamichi 430 fm tuner.

Pathos Classic 1.2 hybrid amp/preamp.

Phase Linear 1200.2 Real-Time-Analyzer.

Pioneer RT-707 reel tape deck.

PS Audio Sprout pre/amp/phono/dac/usb/bt.

PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant.

SAE Mk.IM / Mk.1M preamp.
SAE Mk.VI / Mk.6 fm tuner.  

Sansui AU-20000 amp/preamp
(BA-3000 + CA-3000).

Scott 130 Stereo tube preamp.

Shure M64 Tape-Head pre.

Sony AUDIO-LAB Series:
Sony TA-E86B preamp.
Sony TA-N86B amp.

Sony Pro CDP-D500 cd player, shuttle,
stationary-laser, XLR dig/ana, rack mt.

Sony ICF-SW7600GR radio.

Sony ST-5000F tuner.

Sony TC-766-2 reel tape deck.

TASCAM 3030 reel tape deck,
pro version of Teac X-2000M,
2+4 track play, xlr-bal, dbx-pro,
dual-capstan, servo-tension.

Teac X-2000R auto-reversing reel tape deck,
up to 6 hrs of uninterrupted analog playback.

Technics SP-10.2 direct-drive turntable.

Technics Professional Series:
 Technics SE-9060 amp.
Technics SH-9010 eq.  
Technics ST-9030 fm.  
Technics SU-9070 pre.

Western-Electric RCA Mi4288J mp!

Westmore 501 vacuum tube tester/analyzer,
FAA/military version of Triplett 3444.

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