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* K = 1000.     PR = pair.     PTC = partial trades considered.

 allegrosound dot com 

AllegroSound has been dedicated to
accurate recording and reproduction of
acoustic music for well over ¼ Century.
For those who value ears-on experience,
AllegroSound is "hear" to assist you.

 allegrosound dot com AllegroBio 

* AllegroQC with 40 yrs experience.
* Safe-Packing. Trust your purchase to
one who knows and cares to pack it so
you receive it in the same condition :-)
* Commercial Invoice with proper HTS#
provided with foreign shipments reduces
unnecessary delay & damage in Customs.

 World-Wide Shipping 

Most be 30~70 years old with imperfections
including, but not limited to, old capacitors,
non-functioning lamps, off-center knobs,
oxidation, scratches, nicks, dings, etc
NO "mint"!   NO "minty"!!   NO "perfect"!!!
All pre-owned/used unless otherwise noted.

AllegroGrade on scale of 1~6:
  6 = New-In-Sealed-Box.
  5 = New-In-Open-Box.
  4 = Demo-In-Open-Box.
  3 = Good. 2 = Fair. 1 = Poor.
* most be AllegroGrade 3 - actual pics
sent prior to packing if not already posted.
All sales as-is and final, so if you have any
special requirements regarding condition,
tell me before sending payment.
See Pics, MainsVoltage, Terms below
& Questions & Answers (Q+A) in Menu.

Pics are shown for display purposes
& may not represent exact condition;
actual pics are posted as I have them.

See "Condition" above & "Q+A" in Menu.

allegrosound dot com  Mains Voltage & What To Do About It
allegrosound dot com  220~240 Vac 


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* Prices NET-USD f.o.b. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
* k = US$1,000.  ptc = partial trade considered.
* tbd = to be determined.   mp = matched pair.
* $ w/o payment subject to change w/o notice.
AllegroLayAway with 20~30% down.
AllegroTradeUP with approved trade-in.
AllegroBuyBack select items (see Q+A).

AllegroSound trade-ins/purchases are not
final until received, inspected, tested and
approved by AllegroSound. Items failing to
meet represented condition will be returned
at Customer's expense plus $90/hr labor for
additional fees may apply.

 Vacuum Tubes
All tubes sold by AllegroSound have been
carefully tested on the finest equipment
and, therefore, are technically "used".
* most plug-in tubes carry our exclusive
100-day exchange/1-yr pro-rated warranty.

  Terms & Conditions
Equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned,
variac'd, tested for dc-offset & auditioned
in ref system before it leaves our facility.
Quality work with TLC takes quality time;
I work at my pace & have orders ahead
of yours; item will ship when testing is
completed and packed for safe transit.
Suitability sole responsibility of Buyer.
Not responsible for errors/semantics/etc.
All items subject to prior sale or no sale.
Prices subject to change without notice.
All equipment as-is without warranty.
All sales f.o.b. Los Angeles California;
all matters & costs beyond this point,
including, but not limited to, packing,
freight, ins, taxes, fees, duty, are sole
responsibility of Buyer. All sales final.
L.A.C. Sales Tax applies in California.

      allegrosound dot com     allegrosound dot com allegrosound dot com           

Why upgrade?
When your system doesn't sound good, u don't feel good;
when you don't feel good, your work is not good;
when your work is not good, your marriage is not good;
when your marriage is not good, you get divorced;
when you get divorced, you loose your system.

Upgrade today at

Solid-state amps with their inherent higher-damping are uniquely
suited to control the higher-mass of real woofers (10" & greater).
If you love tubes, bi-amp with tubes on top, solid-state on bottom.

AllegroSound electronics are never hard-started,
ensuring maximum life from the electrolytic caps,
and not run with excessive bias and resulting heat
that damages caps, resistors, transistors, ic's, tubes
and solder connections, avoiding costly repairs :-)

 since 1972.   switch on-the-fly class A/AB
fabled Accuphase P-400 twin-mono,
2 monoblock amps on one chassis,
switchable on-the-fly between
50w/8 class-A or 200w/8 class-AB,
highly-efficient cooling system
eliminates destructive heat-damage
typical of high-biased amplifiers,
precision 1-db/step attenuators
eliminates the need for a preamp,
useful peak-&-hold power meters,
upgraded 5-way output connectors.
Simply magical on electrostatic spkrs!

fyi, Accuphase stereo amplifiers typically
have a single pwr-supply for both channels;
the P-400 you see here be a rare exception,
with the benefits of separate monoblocks in
a cool-running compact twin-mono design
of world-renowned quality and reliability.
 Accuphase P-400 P400 twin-mono

 since 1974.
    made in the UK
fabled ATC SPA2-150 power amp,
twin-mono "audiophile" version,
200w/ch/8, XLR-Bal in, discrete
wide-band non-clipping design,
on-board diagnostics w/display,
the best of British technology,
transparent & musical, 57 lbs,
drives difficult loads w/ease,
outperforms Nagra MPA at
one-third the cost and heat.

(or, you could pay 5x more for new
darTZeel 108 with half the power)

 ATC SPA2-150 twin-mono amp

a Bigger-Bolder-Better Bedini 25/25...
fabled Bedini 100/100-DE c.1983,
#133DE, 100w/ch/8,  200w/ch/4,
19" rack-mount panel + handles.

(or, you could pay more for Bedini 25/25 & get less).
 Bedini 100/100-DE 100DE amp

since 1938.                     like no other...
DENON dates back to 1910 as a joint venture by Emile Berliner
(Gramophone Co) & Alexander Graham Bell (Columbia Gramophone);
the Gramophone Company later became Nippon Columbia Co Ltd, & in
1938 created the DENON brand that produced these special amplifiers.

fabled DENON POA-8000 amps c.1981,
ultra-stable Feed-Forward design,
input level control, subsonic filter,
2 sets of outputs for easy bi-wire,
on-board diagnostics, 200w/8, 48 lbs,
AllegroMods eliminate heat-damage,
improve sound & deliver more power.

(or, you could pay more for pair of DENON
POA-S1 monoblocks and rent a forklift)

matching DENON PRA-6000 preamp available.
 DENON POA-8000 POA8000 monoblocks

have it both ways: tubes for voltage, mosfets for current

Lector VM-200 hybrid amp,
100w/ch/8 and 150w/ch/4,
14GW8 Input+Driver tube,
mosfet output, low feedbk,
gloss-black side panels.

(or, you could pay 12x more for new
Lamm M2.2 hybrid mosfet monoblks)

Lector VM-200 VM200 "brid"

  since 1973.                             an Ivor Tiefenbrun joint.
Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin (aka Chakra Twin),
linear/analog design w/advanced pulse-lock ps,
XLR-Balanced inputs, WBT posts, 200w/ch/4,
low on heat-bulk-weight, high on sound quality,
upgrade your Linn Klout at

 Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin
 Linn Klimax Chakra Twin
 Linn Klimax Twin
 Linn Chakra Twin
 Linn Twin
* note: above Linn links go to same info; click any one.

since 1952.                 a Ken Ishiwata design.
fabled Marantz MusicLink monos
(formerly Marantz Esotec series),
#47 & #55 of 100 pairs produced,
rated 30w Class A into 8 Ohms,
120w/pk/2-Ohms, copper chassis,
small size / big sound, 6h-8w-14d,
ultra-classy champagne-gold.

matching SC-22 preamp available.

 Marantz MA-24 monoblocks

since 1949, like no other.

no, you're not seeing double, just the
world's first double-balanced power amplifier
(each phase of balanced signal is balanced)
not equalled by any amp at any $, inc Mac!
fabled McIntosh MC-1000 monoblocks,
discrete and balanced from XLR-input
to your loudspeakers (phase-converter is
eliminated with XLR-input), 5kW/160A/pk,
will drive anything above a dead short
& sound sublime under ALL conditions,

rare Collector's Chrome Edition + AllegroMods.
The last amplifier you will ever need...or want!
" of the most delicate-sounding amplifiers I have
encountered, whether tube or solid-state...resolves fine
detail superbly...has the microstuff in spades..also has
the macrostuff...does full-scale dynamics as well as any
amp I've to make small speakers sound big...
there were times I could swear I was listening to single-
ended triode tubes...string tones were particularly clear,
clean, and grain, grit, or spit...great soundstage
depth and width...sense of ease, of unlimited dynamics,
of music's often explosive power...I can find nothing to
criticize about this amplifier's sound or behavior...the true
test of any component is how you feel when it's time to
send it back; I asked for two extentions, then finally had
to let the boys retrieve them...the finest solid-state amps
I've had in my system.
" —ST, Stereophile

since 1949, like no other...
fabled McIntosh MC-2120 amps,
unique autoformer design with
highly-desirable 2-Ohm taps,
>120w/ch/stereo, 240w/mono,
2-4-8-16 Ω taps, Level-controls &
hi/low Gain-sw, Headphone-jack,
PowerGuard prevents clipping,
protecting amp & your speakers,
drives any load incl 0.1Ω ribbons;
legendary musicality & reliability
and no fragile glass to break, ever!
price includes
AllegroMods with
improved transparency & soundstage.

(or, you could pay 4x more for Moscode 401HR) 
 McIntosh MC-2120 MC2120

fabled Mitsubishi Diatone DA-A15DC
twin-mono amp, 150w/ch/8, last ver,
variable input level each channel.

matching/docking DA-C7 preamp/tuner.

 Mitsubishi DA-A15DC amp

"M stands for Magic."

fabled Onkyo M-588 twin-mono,    
two monoblock amps on one chassis,
c.1993, successor to fabled M-510 with
Balanced inputs, Champagne-gold with
lacquered persimmonwood matches 510,
200w/ch/8, 750w/pk/2,
mate w/Sansui C-2301 for a Magical music experience.

 Onkyo M-588 M588 twin-mono amp

"perfect balance of detail & musicality"
fabled Pioneer Series20 M-22 amplifier,
2 monoblock amps on one cast-chassis,

AllegroMods eliminate heat-damage,
improve sound and deliver more power.

PB in TAS: "My fave 25W class A amp is the
Pioneer M-22. It offers a perfect balance of
detail and musicality with a truly holographic
soundstage. I like it better than M-03, DR-2,
DR-3 & Bedini for driving my classic Bozaks.

 Pioneer Series20 M-22 twin-mono

stacked PSE Studio V Balanced Monoblocks

Professional Systems Engineering
PSE Studio V monoblocks c.1990,
#50359 & #50360, 120w/8, 230w/4,
XLR Balanced and RCA inputs,
17"w - 3.5"h - 10"d, 23 lbs.

(or, you could pay 4x for BelCanto REF500Ms)
 PSE Studio V monoblocks

QUAD 606.2 amp #27093 c.1997,
last version plus
130w/ch/8-Ohms, 220w/ch/4-Ohms,
stable into any load with any signal,
outperforms 909 & most others driving
Quad ESL-63-988-989-2805-2905.
"Here the newer 606 showed a clean pair of heels to
the older 606, handling musical transients with greater
aplomb & losing the thickening of midrange that was the
only note of coloration in the original unit.
" —HiFiNews

 QUAD 606 stereo amplifier

a Masaru Nagami design.
fabled SONY ESPRIT TA-N900 monoblocks,
linear/analog amp with "pulse-locked" ps,
200w "class A" 2~8Ω, zero global feedbk,
includes unobtanium original rosewood
cabinets and marble tops. Sweeet!
matching SE-P900 parametric available.


SONY TA-1010 integrated amp
c.1970, 2 MM phono, 15w/ch/8.

SONY TA-1010 TA1010 amp

fabled SONY TA-3200F amp c.1971.
w/matching TA-2000 pre + ST-5000F fm.
 SONY TA-3200F TA3200F amp

small size, BIG sound !

fabled Unison Research SR-1
hybrid integrated amplifier,
80w/ch/8, 5 line inputs,
upgraded 12AU7 drivers,
mosfet output, remote volume,
performs well-above pay-grade!

(or, you could pay more for Ayre AX-7e)
 Unison SR-1 integrated-amp

 since 1957.
vintage UREI 6150 2-ch amp c.1982,
80w/ch/8,  XLR-Balanced inputs,
Headphone jack, Volume controls,
upgraded pwr cord, rack-mount.

 UREI 6150 stereo amplifier


−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA

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