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Which Tape Deck?

Over the past half-century,
I've enjoyed many reel tape decks,
(some more "real" than others)...

3M M23-2
Akai PRO-1000
Ampex 354-2
Ampex AG440-2
Ampex MR-70
Ampex PR-10-2/4
Crown CX-844
Crown SX-722
Magnecord 728
Pioneer RT-707
Pioneer RT-2022
Pioneer RT-2044
ReVox A77
ReVox A700
ReVox B77
ReVox C270
ReVox HS77
Scully 280-2
Sony APR-5003
Sony CS-300-4
Sony TC-766-2
Sony TC-770-2
Sony TC-777-4
Sony TC-880-2
Sony TC-854-4
Stellavox TD-9
Studer A62
Studer A807
Tandberg 12
Tandberg TD-20SE
Tascam 34B
Tascam 3030
Technics RS-1500
Technics RS-1520
Technics RS-1700

(apologies to the forgotten)

My all-time fave machine be the OTARI MTR-15
(not to be confused with other OTARI models).
MTR-15 has more useful features than all others combined, is gentle on my precious 60-yr-old pre-recorded acetate-backed tapes as well as my own irreplaceable
AllegroSound Point-Source Recordings
polyester-backed master tapes, and has the best playback of them all, and self-aligns any tape for recording in seconds. It also weights 101-lbs and requires a fan to exhaust the heat.

My fave machine for location recording (and winding tape) be the NAGRA IVS/4S with QGB 10.5-in reel motor-unit; small, light, no heat, no fan, no motor noise, no solenoids, no relays, no chips, no non-rotating tape-contact in wind-mode, is extremely gentle on tape (no oxide shedding on 60-yr-old acetate-backed pre-recorded tapes!), and will still be running long after all others have died and gone to analog heaven. However (it's always something), the Playback is not in the league of NAGRA T-Audio or OTARI MTR-15.

So what's an audiophile to do, you ask?

  We modify the NAGRA IVS/4S for use with
outboard playback electronics of your choice.

Life's full of compromises -
why compromise repro of the music you love?

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"love what you listen with"
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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
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