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Rosebud !

AudioPrism Mana Reference
monoblock amps remanufactured to

RED ROSE Model One Reference


The Model One Reference monoblock amplifiers represent Mark Levinson's ultimate statement of amplifier technology.

Modern digital recordings and high-performance analog playback require amplification with low noise and fast, low-distortion circuits.

While many competing late-model vacuum tube amplifiers are content with traditional designs of the past, the design of the Model One began with a clean sheet of paper.

The Model One is based on Balanced-Differential Operation, offering high power, low distortion and stable, linear, wide-band performance.

High-current, precision-regulated power supplies, careful placement of signal components, advanced transformers, premium capacitors and custom Red Rose Silver One wiring are just some of the design features that enable the Model One to perform at the highest level of the audio art.

Advanced Design

Class AB, Regulated, Fixed-bias Gain Architecture
with TRUE-Balanced, ALL-Octal-Based-Triode
. The XLR-Balanced Input bypasses
the Phase-Converter
, preserving the delicate
A-minus-B difference-signal containing the
ambience/soundstage-cues of the venue!

AllegroNote:  All Push-Pull amplifiers require a
phase-inverter to convert a Single-Ended (RCA)
input signal into a balanced signal to drive the
Push-Pull "balanced" output stage.
Few manufacturers bother to bypass this
most-imperfect conversion circuit even when
a balanced-XLR input is provided (go figure!).
ALL phase-converters, including a transformer,
alter the delicate A-minus-B difference-signal.
− the best converter is NO converter!
The Rosies do everything the best SET
amps do, and much, much more.

Output Stage employs the world's oldest [and best-sounding] beam-power tube, the sensational, over-achieving 6L6WXT, operating in Triode or Ultra-Linear mode at the flick of a switch.

World Power Supply (100-120-230V) employs 15 high-voltage power regulators!

Precision high-current DC filament regulators are employed for EACH tube!

Full-Wave rectification utilizing ultra-fast/soft-recovery diodes is employed for EACH supply!

Low-ESR capacitors are employed in the main high-voltage supply.

Power transformer is a high-current design utilizing advanced Dynamic Feedback Winding Technology (patent-pending) that reduces noise to the theoretical minimum.

Advanced-design audio output transformer utilizes a split-primary for Ultra-Linear connections; the secondary features 4 output taps @ 2-4-6-8 ohms, providing optimum performance with ALL speakers, including those that are considered "not-for-prime-time-with-tubes" (IRS and Wilson owners take note!).

3 selectable modes of Powering
(Standby, Operate, Auto-Standby)

3 selectable modes of Grounding.

2 selectable modes of Operation.

High-current 2-ohm outputs
drives difficult speakers with ease

Individual top-mounted bias adjustments
with on-board precision meter

100-120-240V World Power Supply.

Nothing has been overlooked or left out of this visual and sonic masterpiece statement-product from Victor Tiscareno, Brian Hawkins and Mark Levinson (the man, not the company). Manufactured in Redmond, Washington, USA, by engineers who actually use their ears and know what real, live music sounds like.

I have not heard a better amplifier at ANY price, and I've heard quite a few over the last 37 yrs in this business. If any amplifer can be considered a bargain at twenty five large, this be the one,
Red Rose Model One!

Power output:
Ultra-linear, 170w @ 1kHz, 1% THD.
Triode, 65w @ 1kHz, 1% THD.

Impedance Taps:
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 Ohms.

-3db, 16Hz-30kHz @ 140 watts.

Freq Response:
-3db, 5Hz-50kHz @ 1 watt.

28 db XLR Balanced Input,
28 db RCA Single-Ended Input.

90 db A-weighted @ 1 watt.

Mains Voltage
100-120-240 VAC.

Tube complement:
2x 6SN7 in Balanced Gain stage.
2x 6SN7 in Balanced Driver Stage.
8x 6L6GC in Balanced Output Stage.
1x 417A/5842 Phase-Inverter via RCA Input,
bypassed when XLR Balanced Input is used.
(designers take note of this long-promoted AllegroTopology)

Color:  Champagne-gold.
Amp Dimensions:  24"d - 15"w - 8.75"h.
Amp Weight:  69 lbs ea.
Shipping Weight:  106 lb ea.
Shipping Crate:  31.75"w - 22"d - 14.5"h (x2).
Accessory Box Weight:  18 lbs.
Accessory Box Dimen:  24"w - 20"d - 12"h.
Total Shipping Weight:  230 lbs.

Conceived, Designed and Manufactured
entirely in the United States Of America.

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA


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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA
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