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twin-mono amplifier

"My fave 25W class A amp is the Pioneer M-22.
It offers a perfect balance of detail and musicality
with a truly holographic soundstage.
I like it better than the M-03, DR-2, DR-3 and
Bedini for driving my classic Bozaks." −pb/tas

Japanese-to-English Translation

The power amplifier which Pioneer sells in 1976.

Power amplifier in "20th series" of system amplifier.

Also it is the product which is located but, the spirit which is designed with the power source section and the heat dissipation section of the output step that way as bare.

In style, the output step of pure Class-A operation of the exclusive M-4 transferring was loaded, the power amplifier of capability group.

M-22 to be adopted all-stage Class-A operations, differential 2-step current-mirror circuit, 2-step Darlington Parallel-Push-Pull.

The circuit constitution, purity complimentary OCL was taken.

As for differential amplification of input, fluctuation of voltage was held down, stability was raised and the distortion had been decreased.

Using the dual transistor, it assured the stabilization of point electric potential in expansion.

The pre-driver step with the Push-Pull drive with the current-mirror circuit, bets moderate NFB on this circuit.

It was warped low by and assured conversion.

Furthermore, as for the output step lightening the burden of each transistor to a Parallel-Push-Pull constitution, the output which it stabilizes profit.

In addition, quality of the very little output time has been improved to the pre-driver step as a stabilization power source supply.

In addition, when you look at the whole circuit, low having become the DC amplifier constitution which does not have limits time constant inside the NFB loop, it was superior.

Limits playback ability was actualized low. Like above by the circuit, with pure Class-A operation 30W + 30W (10Hz - 30KHz 8 Ω) output and 0.01% (time 10Hz of effective output - 30kHz) to be warped low, output bandwidth 5Hz - 100kHz.

The quality which (IHF both ch drive distortion factor 0.01%) with you say and is superior was actualized.

The power source section, adopting 2 power transformer constitution of L/R independence, had removed the mutual interference in channel to channel.

The condenser had become constitution of the bulk, 33000 mfd x 4.

The protection network had adopted those where the reliability which is formed in the electronic circuit whose power relay and response are quick is high.

Parallel connecting dual contact points, to raise reliability, furthermore in L/R independence.

It had become the constitution which also deterioration of prevents.

Like above, as for M-22, in the chassis which die-cast make does firmly, the radiator and the powerful power source section of die-cast make.

It loaded, the high performance which loads the output step of Class-A operation with spirit style.

Circuitry Differential drive,
2 step Darlington,
Parallel Push-Pull,
pure complimentary OCL
Effective output
(both ch driven)
30W + 30W Class A,
10Hz~30kHz, 8Ω
Harmonic Distortion
(10Hz~30kHz, 8Ω)
at 30W output: 0.01%
at 15W output: 0.005%
at 1W output: 0.005%
Intermodulation Distortion
(50Hz:7kHz = 4:1)
at 30W output: 0.01%
at 15W output: 0.01%
at   1W output: 0.01%
(IHF, both ch driven)
5Hz~100kHz at 0.01% THD
Frequency Response 2Hz~150kHz +0/-1db at 1W
Input Sensitivity /
1v / 50k Ohms
Load Impedance 4~16 Ohms nominal
Damping Factor
(20Hz~20kHz, 8Ω)
Signal-Noise (IHF) 106 db
Semiconductors Transistors 44,
Diodes 62
Mains Voltage 120V, 60Hz
Power draw 240W
Dimentions 16.5"w - 6.0"h - 14.6"d
Weight 48 lb

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA


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−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
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