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When it comes to down to it everything is only as good as the
complete system it allows. Because all expenditure would be worth only the half, if the cabinet or the crossover denies the necessary precision for the Manger Sound MSW Transducer and takes influence on a best possible result. For this it was taken care in a large extent at the development of the new version of the Zerobox 103

Details of the enclosure and crossover improvements clearly demonstrate the new Zerobox 103's superb sophistication of design and engineering. The thickness of the cabinet walls, for example, is strategically varied to prevent longitudinal or transversal waves from creating unwanted resonance. Moreover, an ingenious mechanical bracing design greatly enhances the cabinet's superior stiffness. Then to further dampen and stabilise the new Zerobox 103, specially formulated resonate-absorbing materials are applied to the cabinet's inner walls. The design and engineering feats do not stop there however. Manger engineers utilize their proven closed cabinet design (no reflex port in the lower bass section) to further ensure against unwanted resonance.

The crossover is critical to any loudspeaker's performance, including the Zerobox 103. Taking a cost no object approach, and to fully realise the unparalleled sonic attributes of the Zerobox 103, separate high and low pass crossovers, "zero-ohm" transformer core coils, and the industry's highest quality capacitors are all that is allowed onboard. Finally, cross-talk attenuation is a non-issue due to the superb design and layout of the crossover network.

No description of a Zerobox loudspeaker would be complete without mentioning the very "heart and soul" of its great sonic reproduction capabilities the world renowned Manger Sound MSW Transducer. Perfectly framed and supported by a highly engineered enclosure, the upper section of the Zerobox 103 is home to three Manger Sound MSW Transducers, which are cleverly positioned to fully allow this speaker to "strut its stuff".

From its huge, wide open, holographic soundstage, to its pinpoint precision and incredible detail, the zerobox 103 is nothing short of astounding, a music lover's dream come true with seamless top to bottom consistency, pure, articulate upper bass and midrange, and airy detailed highs.

And speaking of the future, the Manger Sound MSW Transducer, with its lightning fast rise time and super high frequency response, will reign supreme throughout the next generation of high end audio SACD and DVD as the #1 choice of audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts shopping for new loudspeakers.

Welcome to the next generation.
Experience the new Zerobox-103 and hear the future for yourself.

Piano Black**

Rosewood Veneer

Ebony Veneer


Walnut Burl**

Cherry Veneer

Beech Veneer

Birch Veneer

** High Gloss and special Finishes on request i.e. Walnut burl, bubinga, piano black etc
High Gloss finish is a polyester varnish gloss applied in several layers. A feast for the eyes but nevertheless unobtrusive, because the surrounding is reflected softly.

Colours not exact may vary depending on monitor and resolution

ZeroBox 103/1
1 MSW transducer wood veneer
ZeroBox ZB 103/3
3 MSW transducers wood veneer

* High-gloss and special finishes on request.

The ZB 103 and ZB 107 can be purchased with one Manger MSW drive unit per speaker in the front, or with three Manger MSW drive units per speaker (one in the front and one on each side).
The three MSW driver models are the far superior.

If you purchase a single MSW driver per speaker the cabinets are only available with cutted holes for the two side drivers, which are closed with dummy plates; this allows a cheaper purchase price and the availability to upgrade at a later date without having to modify the cabinets
Why three Manger MSW drive units?

The side mounted drivers create an acoustic baffle, with no omnidirectional radiation. The front driver is still the main driver, and the side drivers are switched in serial with a coil, so that they just support the front driver's radiation like an infinite baffle. The result is that you can't recognize the cabinet.

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