like no other!

spyware, ransomware,
hard-drive failure..
"it's always something."

no worries w/APCS-DumbPC

Design Philosophy: KISS
"Keep It Safe & Simple".
Dumb-enough to protect your
privacy & keep your data safe
when connected to the Internet,
Smart-enough to provide Performance,
Reliability and Functionality, and
able to quickly Recover from mishap.

Acer mobo, Intel i5-QuadCore, 16G RAM,
Nvidia GeForce 128b 4GB Graphics Card.
Case features Horizontally-mtd mobo &
Bottom-mounted 650W Full-Modular PSU.
16"Deep, 17"High, 11"Wide, 24lbs/net.
AC pwr draw 35W idle w/mobo graphics,
AC power draw xxW idle w/ Nvidia GPU.

6 SATA motherboard, 2 ESATA rear panel,
2 USB3 front, 2 USB3 rear, 4 USB2 rear,
2 FireWire800 rear, 1 FireWire400 rear.
1 HDMI, 1 DVI-D, 1 VGA via Nvidia Card.
1 USB3 5-Slot Flash-Card Reader/Writer.
2 Network Adaptors with Kill-Switch bx.
1 DVD/CD Burner accessable from front..

1TB HDD Internal C: OpDrive.
1TB HDD Internal CLONE of C.
1TB HDD External esata/usb3.
64G SSD Internal (pagefile).

APCS-FANtastic Cooling System •
200mm Filtered Intake, Front.
140mm PSU Fltrd Intake, Side.
140mm HD's Exhaust fan, Rear.
120mm Mobo Exhaust fan, Rear.
120mm Mobo Exhaust fan, Tops.
120mm CPU fan Software-Ctrld.
048mm GPU fan Nvidia GeForce.
Fan Speed Controls, Top/Frnt.

M$7x64 APCS-Edition + 200 APCS-vetted programs.
Everything needed for security, maintenance,
pdfs/graphics/music editing, web-surfing,
encryption, cloning/recovery is included.
NO wifi|remote|telemetry|camera|mic!!
NO active M$ or Intel spyware!!!!!
NO UEFI hackable Software-Bios!

Now you can! Be in total control of this unique
pre-owned,turn-key,rock-stable computer system,
virtually "bullet-proof" used as directed.
$1450. 100-day warranty fob Los Angeles.
Optional APCS-Assistance, $110/mo USA.

- subject to change without notice -

Los Angeles, California USA

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