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* K = 1000.     PR = pair.     PTC = partial trades considered.

 allegrosound dot com 

AllegroSound has been dedicated to
accurate recording and reproduction of
acoustic music for well over ¼ Century.
For those who value ears-on experience,
AllegroSound is "hear" to assist you.

Trades welcome!  allegrosound dot com AllegroBio 

* AllegroQC with 40 yrs experience.
* Safe-Packing. Trust your purchase
to one who knows & cares to pack it
so you receive it in same condition.
* Ci with HTS# provided on foreign
shipments reduces unnecessary
delay and damage in Customs.

World-Wide Shipping

Some be 10~60 yrs old with imperfections,
non-functioning lamps, old capacitors, etc;
NO "mint", "minty", "perfect", "excellent".
All pre-owned/used unless otherwise ntd.

AllegroGrade on scale of 1~7:
  7 = New-In-Sealed-Box.
  6 = New-In-Open-Box.
  5 = Demo-In-Open-Box.
  4 = VeryGood. 3 = Good. 2 = Fair. 1 = Poor.
See Pics, MainsVoltage, Terms below and
Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ in Menu).

Pics are shown for display purposes
& may not represent exact condition;
text trumps pics - read description
and email if you need clarification.

allegrosound dot com  Mains Voltage & What To Do About It
allegrosound dot com  220~240 Vac 

From computer, place your screen-pointer
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* prices NET-USD f.o.b. Los Angeles, California, USA.
* K = $1000.   PTC = Partial Trades Considered.
* prices w/o deposit subject to change w/o notice.
AllegroLayAway with 20~30% down.
AllegroTradeUP with your approved trade-in.

AllegroSound trade-ins/purchases are not
final until received, inspected, tested and
approved by AllegroSound. Items failing to
meet represented condition will be returned
at Customer's expense plus $90/hr labor for
additional fees may apply.

 Vacuum Tubes
All tubes sold by AllegroSound have been
carefully tested on the finest equipment
and, therefore, are technically "used".
* most plug-in tubes carry our exclusive
100-day exchange/1-yr pro-rated warranty.

  Terms & Conditions
Equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned,
variac'd, tested for dc-offset & auditioned
in ref system before it leaves our facility.
Quality work with TLC takes quality time;
I work at my pace & have orders ahead
of yours; item will ship when testing is
completed and packed for safe transit.
Suitability sole responsibility of Buyer.
Not responsible for errors/semantics/etc.
All items subject to prior sale or no sale.
Prices subject to change without notice.
All equipment as-is without warranty.
All sales f.o.b. Los Angeles California;
all matters and costs beyond this point,
incl, but not limited to, packing, freight,
duty, taxes, fees, are sole responsibility
of Buyer. All sales final. No refunds.
Add 9.00% SalesTax in California.

      allegrosound dot com     allegrosound dot com allegrosound dot com           

Why upgrade?
When your system doesn't sound good, u don't feel good;
when you don't feel good, your work is not good;
when your work is not good, your marriage is not good;
when your marriage is not good, you get divorced;
when you get divorced, you loose your system.

Upgrade today at

Multi-amping with electronic crossover be the path to audio virvana.

 since 1972.
    allegrosound dot com 
fabled Accuphase F5 electronic crossover,
2 or 3-way, 12-18 db, plug-in Fc cards.
allegrosound dot com Accuphase F-5 electronic crossover 

 since 1972.
Accuphase CB cards for
F5 - F15 - F15L xovers.
Buy-Sell-Trade cards.

allegrosound dot com  Accuphase CB 

 since 1972.
Accuphase FB cards
for F-20 & F-25 xovers.
Buy-Sell-Trade cards.

allegrosound dot com  Accuphase FB 

fabled Dahlquist DQ-LP1 electronic xover,
35~400Hz sweep, 18db active Low-pass,
6db passive Hi-pass,
allegrosound dot com  Dahlquist DQ-LP1 crossover 

  since 1980.
   allegrosound dot com 
Krell Reference Crossover KRX-1,
3-way or 2-way, plug-in Fc cards,
6 calibrated attenuators, discrete,
rack-mt, outboard ps, c.1985.
allegrosound dot com  Krell KRX-1 crossover 

Luxman FL-202 Balanced Electronic Crossover,
80-150-290-380-500-660-800-1k-1280-1700-2k Hz,
locking Fc, independant 12-18/db Slope, Polarity
and Level for HP and LP, XLR-Balanced in/out,
outperforms usual suspects, 5-7-17", 15 lbs.

matching Luxman C-7 Balanced Preamp avail.

allegrosound dot com  Luxman FL-202 balanced crossover 

  Nikko CO-23 elect crossover,    allegrosound dot com 
discrete, 2-way, 12-18 db/oct,
black rack-mount faceplate.

allegrosound dot com  Nikko CO-23 crossover 

   allegrosound dot com 
fabled Pioneer SF-700 crossover
c.1973, 3/2-way, 6-12-18 db/oct,

allegrosound dot com  Pioneer SF-700 crossover 

   allegrosound dot com 
fabled Pioneer SF-850 crossover
c.1976, 3/2-way, 6-12-18 db/oct,

allegrosound dot com  Pioneer SF-850 crossover 

fabled Pioneer Series20 D-23    allegrosound dot com 
4-way electronic xover c.1977,
switch-select Fc and Slopes
for each pair of 8 outputs, 20#.
(or, you could pay 5x more for
three Pass Labs XVR1 2-ways)
allegrosound dot com  Pioneer D-23 crossover 

front-panel real-time-tuning!
    allegrosound dot com 
fabled John Curl Symmetry ACS-1
"transient-perfect" variable xover
c.1981, Fc 45~4500Hz, rack-mt.
allegrosound dot com  Symmetry ACS-1 crossover 

any Fc!    Stereophile A-rated.    a Nelson Pass design.
 allegrosound dot com 
fabled Nelson Pass Threshold PCX
electronic xover, 18db/stereo/2-way,
36-db/2-way/pr, 18-db/3-way/pr,
Fc changeable in seconds via
readily-available resistor-packs
that drop into way-cool special
Zero-Insertion-Force sockets,
shipped with Fc of your choice,
gold-plated pcb, all discrete,
four calibrated attenuators,
17" or 19"rm,
* 2 available for TRI-amping.

"the most transparent and least-conspicuous
active crossover I've heard.

(or, you could pay 2.5x more for Pass Labs XVR)
allegrosound dot com  Threshold PCX crossover 

 since 1957.   Spkr designer's dream-machine!
   allegrosound dot com 
fabled UREI 525 electronic crossover,
2/3-way stereo, 4/5-way mono,18 db,
dial-in any frequency within one Hz
via the built-in frequency-counter,
speaker designer's dream-machine!
allegrosound dot com  UREI 525 electronic crossover 

with Frequency & Time correction
    allegrosound dot com   
fabled White Instruments DSP-5024 c.1997,
Programable Xover-Equalization-Delay,
Frequency & Time Speaker-Correction,
XLR-Balanced ANALOG in/out, 1U RM,
front-panel controls and Display.
allegrosound dot com White Instruments DSP-5024 

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA
CONTACT AllegroSound               

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