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* K = 1000.     PR = pair.     PTC = partial trades considered.

 allegrosound dot com 

AllegroSound has been dedicated to
accurate recording and reproduction of
acoustic music for well over ¼ Century.
For those who value ears-on experience,
AllegroSound is "hear" to assist you.

Trades welcome!  allegrosound dot com AllegroBio 

* AllegroQC with 40 yrs experience.
* Safe-Packing. Trust your purchase
to one who knows & cares to pack it
so you receive it in same condition.
* Ci with HTS# provided on foreign
shipments reduces unnecessary
delay and damage in Customs.

World-Wide Shipping

Some be 10~60 yrs old with imperfections,
non-functioning lamps, old capacitors, etc;
NO "mint", "minty", "perfect", "excellent".
All pre-owned/used unless otherwise ntd.

AllegroGrade on scale of 1~7:
  7 = New-In-Sealed-Box.
  6 = New-In-Open-Box.
  5 = Demo-In-Open-Box.
  4 = VeryGood. 3 = Good. 2 = Fair. 1 = Poor.
See Pics, MainsVoltage, Terms below and
Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ in Menu).

Pics are shown for display purposes
& may not represent exact condition;
text trumps pics - read description
and email if you need clarification.

allegrosound dot com  Mains Voltage & What To Do About It
allegrosound dot com  220~240 Vac 

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* prices NET-USD f.o.b. Los Angeles, California, USA.
* K = $1000.   PTC = Partial Trades Considered.
* prices w/o deposit subject to change w/o notice.
AllegroLayAway with 20~30% down.
AllegroTradeUP with your approved trade-in.

AllegroSound trade-ins/purchases are not
final until received, inspected, tested and
approved by AllegroSound. Items failing to
meet represented condition will be returned
at Customer's expense plus $90/hr labor for
additional fees may apply.

 Vacuum Tubes
All tubes sold by AllegroSound have been
carefully tested on the finest equipment
and, therefore, are technically "used".
* most plug-in tubes carry our exclusive
100-day exchange/1-yr pro-rated warranty.

  Terms & Conditions
Equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned,
variac'd, tested for dc-offset & auditioned
in ref system before it leaves our facility.
Quality work with TLC takes quality time;
I work at my pace & have orders ahead
of yours; item will ship when testing is
completed and packed for safe transit.
Suitability sole responsibility of Buyer.
Not responsible for errors/semantics/etc.
All items subject to prior sale or no sale.
Prices subject to change without notice.
All equipment as-is without warranty.
All sales f.o.b. Los Angeles California;
all matters and costs beyond this point,
incl, but not limited to, packing, freight,
duty, taxes, fees, are sole responsibility
of Buyer. All sales final. No refunds.
Add 9.00% SalesTax in California.

      allegrosound dot com     allegrosound dot com allegrosound dot com           

Why upgrade?
When your system doesn't sound good, u don't feel good;
when you don't feel good, your work is not good;
when your work is not good, your marriage is not good;
when your marriage is not good, you get divorced;
when you get divorced, you loose your system.

Upgrade today at

 AMPLIFIERS: Tube + Hybrid
Seems like all solid-state amps these days are advertised "tube-like".
And cd's are "Perfect sound forever"... & the spin goes on and on...
The reality is, if you want the sound of tubes, you need tubes.
* Taps matter! spkr's minimum-Z should not dip lower than the tap
driving it; modern tube amps should have 2-Ohm taps to drive
modern spkrs which typically dip below 4-Ohms; one of few to get
this (and other things) right was Mark Levinson Red Rose Music.
* Never operate a tube amp without a load (speaker or resistor).

SET, 2-channels, small size, BIG sound...
hail the Audio Note Conqueror
Single-Ended Triode stereo amp
c.1997, late Version, low hours,
2-6SN7, 2-300B, 5U4, 8+4 Ω taps,
fresh and matched EH/JJ 300B's.

(or, you could pay 5x more for a
Shindo Cortese without 4Ω taps)
* fyi, if your spkrs dip below 8Ω
(most do) you need 4 Ohm taps!

allegrosound dot com  Audio Note Conqueror SET 

E.A.R. Yoshino 869.             a Tim de Paravicini design.
Esoteric Audio Research / E.A.R. / Yoshino
869 Enhanced Triode Mode Single-Ended
integrated, 15w/ch 4-8-16Ω, 5+Direct ins,
pre+tape out,
AllegroMods + full comp
of primo NOS German and USA bottles.
Simply magical on Quad ESL-57 stats!

* update of fabled 859 w/added Amp-Direct
& even better output transformers. Sweeet!
allegrosound dot com  E.A.R. Yoshino 869 integrated amp 

former engineer for Saul Marantz builds a better amp...
  allegrosound dot com   
fabled Hadley Labs 601
stereo tube amp c.1963,
#61 of only 90 produced,
outperforms Marantz 2-5-8-9,
high-nickel wide-bandwidth
xfmrs, all-original including
Hadley-branded Telefunken,
simply magical on Quad-57
& Infinity ServoStatic 1's.
allegrosound dot com Hadley 601 tube amp 

Peerless nickel trannies, Hovland caps, plug-n-play
fabled Heathkit W5M ultra-wide bandwidth
(±1db from 5Hz way out to 160kHz at 1W!)
vacuum-tube monos, classic Williamson
circuit with early superior Peerless 16309
nickel-core transformer driven by pair of
peerless KT66-6L6-5881-7027-7581 tubes
(a la McIntosh MC-30 and Red Rose M1),
tube/choke ps, 5R4GY, 2-12AU7, 2-KT66,
serviced and upgraded by Bob Hovland.
Heathkit's best version of it's best amp
(not as rare as W6A, but 6L6, tube/choke
ps & hi-nick trannies in W5M be superior).

matching WA-P2 preamps available.
allegrosound dot com  Heathkit W-5M W5M monoblocks 

have it both ways: tubes for voltage, mosfets for current

Lector VM-200 hybrid amp,
100w/ch/8 and 150w/ch/4,
14GW8 Input+Driver tube,
mosfet output, low feedbk,
gloss-black side panels.

(or, you could pay 12x more for new
Lamm M2.2 hybrid mosfet monoblks)

allegrosound dot com Lector VM-200 VM200 "brid" 

"involving..musical..transparent..liquid..neutral..imense soundspace"  
Legend Audio LM-Triode monoblocks,
designed & manufactured in California
USA with TLC by Von Gaylord Audio,
2 triode-connected KT88-KT90-6550
delivers 40 sweet Watts into 4-8-16 Ω,
2-12AX7 input/drvr, 5AR4-GZ34 rectifier,
auto-bias, oil-filled caps, 40#, low hrs,
hard-wired, mirror-imaged matched-pr.

(or, you could pay 3x for Nirvana 4's or 33x for Uni-Sea's)
"...this is the most involving & musical amplifier of this genre...
imense soundspace & captures the full recorded acoustic from
a warm but natural perspective...Downsides? They'll take time
away from other activities because you will be belted into your
listening chair for far longer sessions.
" —PB/TAV.
"...beautiful transparency, ravishing liquidity, very clean sound
and excellent neutrality...wonderfully musical...IAR Best Buy.

allegrosound dot com  Legend Audio LM-Triode amps 

Switch on-the-fly between SE or PP to match music/spkrs
allegrosound dot com 
fabled David Manley SE/PP-300B
monoblock amplifiers c.1995,
switch on-the-fly between 18w
Single-Ended & 36w Push-Pull
(switch from SEP for Shirley Horn
to PP for Mahler and Pink Floyd ),
0~10db feedback in 1db discrete steps
for precise matching to your speakers,
fresh matched JJ/Tesla Slovak 300B's,
120-240vac, only 11.5"w - 10"d - 6"h.

(EveAnna prefers this orig DM ver to her later Retro).
ST in Stereophile: "SE/PP-300Bs have almost as much
delicatessen & detail as the Jadis SE300Bs, & they have
balls in the bass too, even in SE mode with no feedback...
comes very, very close to the sound of costlier amps such
as Wavelength Cardinal & Jadis 300B...I'm going to have
trouble sending these back.
"  Stereophile Class A-rated.

(or, you could pay 2x more for larger/heavier Manley Neos)
allegrosound dot com  Manley SE/PP-300B monoblocks 

since 1949, like no other...
McIntosh MC-30 Type A-116-B c.1949,
30w/4-8-16 Ohm taps, matched-pair,
Chassis # 08003 and # 08004,
Serial # 7E690 and # 7E692,
all original except the tubes,
6L6-1614-5881-KT66 beam-tube
delivers superior sound quality
(6L6 be superior to 6550, EL34, etc),
5U4-rectified for superior reliability,
Volume controls to bypass preamp
or match other amp in bi-amp setup,
Mac's all-time-best tube amplifier.
allegrosound dot com  McIntosh MC-30 monoblocks   

a Mile Nestorovic design based on his original MC-3500/MI-350 for McIntosh Labs

fabled Nestorovic Labs tube amps c.1985,
your choice of matched-prs w/fresh tubes:
* Nestorovic Alpha-1 monos #122 / #123,
* Nestorovic NA-1 monoblks #136 / #137,
Balanced update of Mile's legendary
design for Mcintosh (MC-3500, MI-350)
producing 150 Watts from inexpensive pr
of 6KD6 beam-tubes, Balanced and SE in,
8+4Ω Balanced Out, switchable Feedback,
very exclusive, less than 100 pairs made.
visually-physically-electrically balanced!

(or, you could pay 3x more for non-bal MC-3500)
♥ Stereophile 9/91: "...the lyrical elements of
the music flowed so naturally, amost song-like...
realistic image size...excellent dynamics.
♥ TAS 3/83: "...all things considered, the more
power in a good tube design, the more concert-
hall realism at any given playback level

Nestorovic Labs Alpha-1 tube amps 
allegrosound dot com Nestorovic Labs NA-1 tube amps 

Mark Levinson loves music so much, he built a monument to it

Mark Levinson Red Rose Music allegrosound dot com 
Model One Reference Monoblocks,
conceived, designed & manufactured
with excellence entirely in the USA
(no, Martha, these were not made in
China like the solid-state models!),
#04 & #05 c.1998 with updates,
170w Ultra-Linear or 65w Triode,
2-4-6-8Ω taps (high-current 2Ω tap
enable this amp to drive speakers
other tube amps can only dream of),
4-6SN7, 8-6L6/5881, (1-5842/417A),
on-brd mtr, all-Balanced signal path
with NO phase-converter to alter
the acoustic of the recording venue!
(RCA-in adds 5842 phase-converter
for Single-Ended source, if you must),
100-120-240V World Power Supply,
Auto-Standby, factory crates, low hrs,
ultra exclusive (< 200 pairs produced,
few in special Champagne-Gold finish),
outperforms all SETs & everything else!
(or, you could pay 7x more for a new pr
of Lamm ML-3's with 1/5th the power)
♦ To paraphrase Dr. Strangelove,
    "The whole point of a simple circuit
      is lost if you make it expensive.
♣ In the immortal words of Joe E. Brown,
    "Well, nothing's perfect."
♥ In the opinion of AllegroSound,
    "These come close; very close."
  CLICK for Red Rose Reference 

SETing the bar higher...
Wavelength Signature Series
Duetto v2.1 SET 2-ch c.2000
framed in maple, all options,
8w/ch, 2-6SL7, 2-300B, 5AR4,
switchable 4Ω - 8Ω taps,
fresh matched EH/JJ 300B's.
"a legitimately high-end piece of gear so superior to its peers
I would never part with it for any reason.
" —Ian White, ETM
(or, you could pay 3x more for a new Airtight ATM-300)

allegrosound dot com  Wavelength Duetto v2.1 SET 

better construction equals better sound.
  allegrosound dot com   
fabled VAIC VV30B Type-1 Matched-Quad,
direct 300B swap in amps that can supply
higher filament current for this super-tube,
excellent in VAC Renaissance, Welborne,
AudioNote, Wavelength
and others.
JC/Stereophile: "My fave 300B by a wide margin is the
beautifully-crafted VAICVV30B Type 1...these refined
& elegant tubes are fabricated by hand in the old Tesla
Reserch Labs in Czech Republic...a plug'n'play 300B =
* also a fave of Wavelength's Gordon Rankin.

allegrosound dot com  Vaic VV-30B VV30B triode tubes 

seldom equaled, rarely surpassed...
 allegrosound dot com   
Western Electric 300B.
"combined everything good that can be found in other
300B's; it had the KR's authority, but was devoid of any
obtrusiveness; bass was deep, but in total balance with
rest of the spectrum, and was controlled & easy-flowing;
it bettered all other tubes in air, space, width, and depth;
very involving too...if you want the best, there's only the
Western Electric.
" —PvW, Stereophile.

allegrosound dot com  WE300B tubes 

−  Established 1973  −
"love what you listen with"
Los Angeles, California USA
CONTACT AllegroSound               

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